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vision with the fovea

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To address the issue of whether the smile radiates outwards to other face regions and makes them look happy, we used the following methodological developments: (a) participants were presented with whole-face stimuli for 150 ms and asked to categorize their eyes as happy or not happy; (b) the viewer's attention was visually pre-cued to the eye region of the face stimulus, and foveal vision of the mouth region was blocked by means of gaze-contingent masking (i.
7[degrees] vertically respectively in foveal vision, parafoveal vision, and peripheral vision fields.
Not surprisingly, individuals with unimpaired foveal vision use their fovea to scan text and fixate individual objects.
Because foveal vision is of minor importance when it comes to perceived SO, this part of the visual field can be left out.
2007; Mori et al, 2001), possibly because reorganization of cortical visual processing only occurs in the absence of foveal vision (Baker, Dilks, Peli, & Kanwisher, 2008).
Optimum VA depends on foveal vision so light focussed on the peripheral retina can be degraded optically without much consequence perceptually, other than perhaps the extent of the visual field.
PRL fixation, saccade, and pursuit abilities are scored from 0 to 4; 0 indicates no ability and 4 indicates abilities that approximate those of a person using foveal vision.
Central foveal vision corresponds to the spatial focus of overt attention, whereas stimuli in parafoveal vision are typically considered as "unattended.
Spatial acuity, defined as the highest visible spatial frequency one can distinguish, is roughly 40-50 cycles/deg for human foveal vision with gratings of high contrast (Bruce, Green, and Georgeson, 1996).
It is important to note that focal vision is not characterized exclusively by foveal vision, nor is ambient vision characterized exclusively by peripheral vision in this model.
You can then stare at that spot in the sky with your foveal vision, dream for about five seconds, and start consciously searching for that spark of pearly light.
Space variant acuity and intelligent gaze control are collectively called foveal vision.
Fundus photographs are useful in detecting the presence of foveal sparing and the possibility that the patient may have some remaining foveal vision, but do not, in themselves, provide information on how well the remaining fovea sees and whether the patient can effectively use the spared region.
When I stared at the tissue with my foveal vision, most of the feeble light disappeared; I saw only a dappling of bright crests and ridges reflecting moonlight.
Factors such as driving speed and task complexity when using foveal vision are generally regarded as related to the narrowing of the visual field.