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area consisting of a small depression in the retina containing cones and where vision is most acute

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3%) patients, palatine fovea could not be identified by both house officers as well as the supervisor concerned.
Oedema of fovea due to loss of the perifoveal capillary bed is commonly seen in juvenile onset diabetes.
BCVA neither “significantly” correlated with mfERG RD of fovea nor with RD of the central seven hexagons at each evaluation time point [Figure 5], despite their similar incremental tendency after surgery [Figure 4].
19) Additionally, loss or weakness of the junctions performing this barrial function was found in fovea centralis.
The literature describes the prevalence of asymmetrical ethmoid fovea and its importance for avoiding surgical complications.
Octava estria completa en la pseudoepipleura, profunda y formada por hoyuelos grandes y largos, sin fovea basal, con sedas pequenas y dispersas en toda la superficie de la pseudoepipleura.
The cones are sensitive to colour and detail but are insensitive to light - these are centred on the fovea, the central part of your eye.
Use the 'red-free' (green) filter on the ophthalmoscope to help identify small haemorrhages, particularly at the fovea.
Glitterface started out as part of Avant-Garde collective Fovea Hex when she was 15 and since then developed her solo project under her own name, Laura SHEERAN'S.
When a central scotoma impairs the ability of the fovea to distinguish detail, one or more preferred retinal loci (PRL) (Schuchard & Raasch, 1992; von Noorden & Mackensen, 1962; White & Bedell, 1990), also known as pseudo-foveas (Guez, Le Gargasson, Rigaudiere, & O'Regan, 1993), naturally develop at eccentric retinal locations and become the new points of fixation.
The place where one's glance is aimed is the place that corresponds to the highest resolution in the eye-the fovea, a slight depression in the retina at the back of the eye-while regions surrounding the foveal area-the periphery-allow access to less spatial detail.
Project Newsletter, Lumberyard, The Wolf, Crab Orchard Review, La Fovea,
Four patients had their leaks identified in the area of fovea Ethmoidalis (Anterior Ethmoid cells) and one patient had a large defect in the sphenoid sinus following trans sphenoid resection of pituitary adenoma.
Where in your body would you find the fovea centralis?
Desde o final do seculo XIX (James, 1890), a psicologia experimental tem estudado os fenomenos atencionais, demonstrando a possibilidade de orientacao da atencao visual sem movimento dos olhos, ou seja, sem que se direcione a fovea para sua posicao (para uma revisao, ver Carrasco, 2006).