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area consisting of a small depression in the retina containing cones and where vision is most acute

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After centration of macular topographer on fovea, macular scans were taken to get retinal thickness map.
However, the VEP monitors the integrity of the entire visual pathway from the fovea to the visual cortex, so it can't be an accurate response to the fovea function.
Caption: Figure 2: The ten areas examined included the fovea, central foveal circle (diameter = 1 mm), parafoveal circle (diameter = 3 mm), and perifoveal circle (diameter = 6 mm).
In our case, both fundus examination and SD-OCT revealed that a large subhyaloid haemorrhage was combined with a small sub-ILM haemorrhage localized in the fovea.
(a) Macular retinal thickness was measured in three concentric rings, with the central ring corresponding to the fovea (1 mm diameter), the middle ring corresponding to the parafovea (3 mm diameter), and the outer ring corresponding to the perifovea (5 mm diameter).
When present, 32.5% patients had foveae present at the level of vibrating line, 31.1% had vibrating line posterior to foveae palatinae ,while only 8.6% presented with vibrating line anterior to fovea palatinae.
There are several different components in retinal images (see Figure 1), such as blood vessels, fovea, macula, and optic disc.
The lesion is medially facing the fovea of the femoral head and indenting on the ligamentum teres (Figure 3).
"The eye's sharpest vision is enabled by a spot on the light-sensitive sheet of the retina called the fovea and this needs to stay balanced to ensure objects of interest can be scrutinised in an optimum way," says Khazali.
* Retinal oedema within 500 microns of the center of the fovea.
However, Pearson's test revealed no significant correlations between BCVA and mfERG responses of the fovea and of the macular area at each evaluation time point.
Within the macula, the fovea is an area with only cones.
Both are distributed throughout the eye's retina, which is where light entering the eye is converted to nerve impulses, but the cones are concentrated in the fovea, that part of the eye comprising the center of our vision field, where most of the actual "seeing" takes place.