fourth stomach

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the fourth compartment of the stomach of a ruminant

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Traditionally, it has been made by washing, drying, macerating, and brining the lining taken from the fourth stomach of calves.
When a calf is born its fourth stomach (the abomasum) is
because the fourth stomach is the main digestive organ in early life.
ABOMASUM The fourth stomach is a true stomach, and it works basically the same way your stomach does.
The abomasum, the cow's fourth stomach, functions much like the human stomach.
9 percent fewer worms in their fourth stomach and passed 99.
Read is also traced to the fourth stomach of a ruminant, linking reading to musing and cogitating.
sordellii kills by causing inflammation of the fourth stomach or abomasum, so unless you are specifically looking for it during post mortem it's easy to miss.
Until 1990, the vast majority of cheese was produced using a curdling agent called rennet, the sole source of which was the linings of the fourth stomachs of slaughtered calves.