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the fourth coordinate that is required (along with three spatial dimensions) to specify a physical event


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But scientists now have an idea of what to study when it comes to exploring the fourth dimension. They can study quasicrystals in metallic alloys, which have no discernible pattern when viewed in 3D space but when one looks at them in higher virtual dimensions, they actually exhibit regular patterns.
The fourth dimension, in this case, is time--the time the materials take to assemble themselves, Tibbits said.
Nasr Saad proposes that a fourth dimension of existence can provide the perspective and comprehension necessary to arrive at logical answers to the unanswered questions of our existence.
"The Fourth Dimension of a Poem" (2010) and "Keats' Poems: The Material Dimension" (1998) are justly placed at the beginning of this collection and contribute significantly to addressing an important linguistic, aesthetic and literary problem.
Finally, the fourth dimension refers to the potential menace posed by Kurdish nationalism to Turkey's territorial integrity due to the fact that nearly half of the approximately 30 million Kurds who are spread primarily across four different countries live in Turkey.
(Abrams is also still publishing: In August, Norton will bring out a new collection of his essays, The Fourth Dimension of a Poem.) Abrams' name will be familiar to just about every English major of the last half-century, if only because it appears at the top of the spine of each edition of the Norton Anthology of English Literature, which Abrams created in 1962.
Frank Wilczek, a theoretical physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, speculated that a similar structure might repeat regularly in the fourth dimension - time, earlier this year.
The short-film form often gets short shrift, and even though "The Fourth Dimension" won't exactly alter the landscape, it does make the well-repeated point that less is more.
I thought about it for a while, wondering what it would mean in respect to Albert Einstein's theory of time as a fourth dimension, somehow entwined with the other familiar three dimensions in a concept he called space-time.
"WELCOME to the fourth dimension," yelled JB Gill at JLS's adoring It's time to dance."
Wilczek is already thinking of extending the time crystal concept into imaginary time, a theoretical concept of the fourth dimension that runs in a different direction than the one people experience.
It argues that Eisenstein's theory of 'overtonal' montage, which he also referred to as the filmic fourth dimension, should be positioned more centrally in discussions of his aesthetics.
Tony Robbin; A Retrospective uses the author's extensive knowledge of physics and month along with computer programming for geometry to provide a fine catalog of the paintings and grids that represent his artistic exploration of the fourth dimension. Robbin was a founding member of the Patter and Decoration movement of the 1970s: his title details his forty-year career from painting to sculpture then computer art, pairing essays by art critics, mathematicians, historians and artists with an outstanding survey of his creations.
That means that a fourth dimension will open up--if it has not already--as the universe continues to expand.
Stephen Hawking's Universe (8pm) The famed physicist and cosmologist considers the possibility of time travel, taking a look at the prospects and pitfalls of journeying through the fourth dimension.