four-stroke engine

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an internal-combustion engine in which an explosive mixture is drawn into the cylinder on the first stroke and is compressed and ignited on the second stroke

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Even before the four-stroke engine was introduced, the 96 had a tremendous career as a rally car, especially in the hands of Eric Carlsson, and carried on winning races into the 1970s with drivers like Stig Blomqvist, Per Eklund and Pat Moss-Carlsson at the wheel.
Power comes from a fuel-injected 125cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder four-stroke engine. All will get anti-lock braking system, or ABS, standard.
* Students should take apart and build a two-stroke motor, then do the same with a small four-stroke engine. While they develop knowledge of tools and materials and develop algorithmic thinking, they will also be able to compare and contrast the different designs and fully understand the advantages of the two-stroke motor.
Four-stroke engines are characterized by a greater efficiency and longevity due to an efficient cooling system (Fig.
It didn't matter if it was a two-stroke engine, four-stroke engine, outboard engine, inboard engine--it affected everybody," he said.
Base price with 30-horsepower four-stroke engine and trailer is $13,595.
A fuel-injected, 675cc four-stroke engine powers the Big Red.
It is powered by a 10-horsepower, four-stroke engine and boasts a system of removable pallets 'for ease of payload swapping'.
The Brute Force has a powerful 749cc fuel injected, 90-degree V-twin, and four-stroke engine with push-button choice of two or four wheel drive.
The four-stroke engine runs on the same $3 propane canisters that fuel camping lanterns and portable grills.
The air-cooled OHV four-stroke engine has a 0.163 L displacement, a recoil start and a full transistor ignition system.
The modern 125cc four-stroke engine is punchy and because the bike is geared low for extra punch low down the rev range as all dirt bikes should be, you end up giving your left boot a serious workout going up and down the smooth six-speed gearbox.
ARCTIC CAT The 550 H1 quad is powered by Arctic Cat's own 545cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine. An automatic transmission features two- and four-wheel drive and a front locking differential.
A completely new drive-train was designed including a more reliable and efficient Honda GX-35 four-stroke engine, a dry-plate friction clutch, and an overall 20:1 gear reduction.
He said the motorboats were being run on four-stroke engine and these were regarded as environment-friendly but the concerned authorities imposed a ban expressing their fear that the equipment was polluting Lake waters.