four-four time

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a time signature indicating four beats to the bar

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A reminder that Buxton Opera House's Four-Four Time 2005 Festival, which mixes live music from all genres, starts tomorrow and, for jazz lovers, includes John Etheridge (Sunday) Andy Sheppard with Joanna MacGregor (Thursday, Feb 24), The Tim Garland International Quartet (Friday, Feb 25), and Courtney Pine (Sunday, Feb 27).
He appeared in Three Dances for Lenin, Four-Four Time, Harmonica Breakdown, and Folksay.
In four-four time, the poetic feet of the first two lines unfold at a leisurely half-note pace, and the harmony remains in the tonic.
It's all part of a little festival of live music running all this week and into next, called Four-Four Time 2004.