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involving or relating to the fourth dimension or time

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Notation (4) says that A maps the space [lambda] into the space [mu] if [lambda] [subset] [[mu].sup.(??]).sub.A] and we denote the set of all four-dimensional matrices, transforming the space [lambda] into the space [mu], by ([lambda] : [mu]).
At large scales, phase C forms the four-dimensional de Sitter space [16].
In Section 2, nonlinear dynamic characteristics of the modified four-dimensional Lorenz-Stenflo system are analyzed.
In Section 2, the four-dimensional Lorenz-Stenflo system analyzes characteristics of nonlinear dynamic behavior, construction realization circuit of the four-dimensional Lorenz-Stenflo system.
Thus, the SAI thesis views species as four-dimensional entities (or more informally, as "spacetime worms"), spread out in three dimensions of space and one dimension of time.
We live in a four-dimensional world (one-dimensional time and three-dimensional space), and I wonder how time itself will develop over time.
As for 3D system, it shows images that illustrate the height, width, and size, while four-dimensional system adds time and shows movement.
Four-dimensional fetal echocardiography can also be performed using electronic matrix array technology.
? A FUNDRAISING drive has been launched at Speke-based St Ambrose Catholic Primary School to fund a four-dimensional 'WOW!
As air traffic management systems are improved with new technologies, including four-dimensional (4D) trajectory management, information management and performance-based navigation, it is said to be critical to establish common standards to harmonise these systems and ensure that aircraft can fly in all regions of the world.
However several methods to handle non-perturbative field theories have been developed and this book is presented in order to describe these techniques and their applications in two-dimensional and four-dimensional field theories and in QCD in four dimensions.
The park has a range of attractions including Formula Rossa, the world's fastest roller coaster, and Speed of Magic, the region's first four-dimensional fantasy ride.
Azimi said a four-dimensional security plan, involving Afghan police, army and air support from foreign troops, had been devised to ensure comprehensive security during the election.
"We welcome the operational refinements made by the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre in their theoretical model, but we are still basically relying on one-dimensional information to make decisions on a four-dimensional problem.
However SR must be deemed to be tremendously expanded or made more complete by exposing its two-world background and by the addition of a parallel two-dimensional intrinsic Special Theory of Relativity ([phi]SR) on a flat two-dimensional intrinsic spacetime that underlies the flat four-dimensional spacetime of SR in each of the two universes.