four flush

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the act of bluffing in poker

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A distinctive feature of the dash is the four flush type air vents and their directional controls, while the overhead console boasts twin map-reading lamps and a sunglasses holder.
Plus, there are four flush gunwale rod holders and six under-gunwale rod racks.
We get two crops - which we call flushes - out of them, but to be honest we could potentially get three or four flushes. The ones I trialled in December are still producing mushrooms to this day.
Indeed, Gerba and coauthors found that after the first three flushes, an apparent "plateau" bowl water concentration was reached that did not visibly decline over the next four flushes. The investigators attributed this effect to microbial adhesion to toilet bowl surfaces with subsequent re-release after the flush.
Patients with a positive culture received a median of 12 flushes (range = 2-20) during the study period compared with a median of four flushes for those with a negative culture (range = 1-12) (p = 0.004, Kruskal-Wallis test).
"Normally, lychee trees will have three or four flushes of vegetative growth in the course of the year, depending on rainfall and temperatures," Zee says.