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Synonyms for glasses


Synonyms for glasses

optical instrument consisting of a frame that holds a pair of lenses for correcting defective vision

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Detailed clinico-ophthalmic examination revealed dorsal and ventral inward rolling of lower eyelids at lateral side in four eyes of three dogs whereas bilateral rolling was observed on dorsal aspect of upper eyelid near to lateral canthus with purulent discharge in one dog.
Four Eyes wants to revolutionalize the optical store concept.
What makes this animal so unusual is that each eye is divided into two parts, one pointing upwards and one pointing downward, making it look like it has four eyes, and four-eyed fish don't exist," says Frank.
Yet for years, adults didn't like wearing them and children at school were called speccy four eyes.
or they are called four eyes just because they wear glasses - not just in Bahrain but anywhere in the world.
One is old four eyes, and the other is the chap responsible for an irreverent website about Barry and its people who has set aside a column devoted to me.
He told the jury 'I said, 'Hold on a minute, fella, there's a queue here' and he said, 'Hey four eyes, get a life
her three heads each with four eyes, two set correct--the one
Existing pre-built tenants include design firms Four Eyes Productions (3,300 SF) and Sceptre Consulting (1,300 SF) and software developers Planet Sweep, Inc.
Ciba Vision, makers of the ground breaking new Focus Night and Day extended wear contacts lenses, have at last given us, the four eyes of the world, the benefit of perfect vision as we wake.
Cut a stem with four eyes (an eye is the point at which new growth can be seen emerging); plant in a container filled with potting soil with two eyes below the soil level.
The Holstein calf, named Reflections, was born with two heads, four eyes, and three ears.
Would they have four eyes, like Bruce Sterling on the cover of Wired?
Another is an illustration of a guitar player with four eyes, which Lennon created in 1964 or 1965.
According to some, the prince, who faces being nicknamed Four Eyes by RAF pals, got round the rule because he was a serving Household Cavalry officer.