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(56) Year of Day & Zimmerman Services' founding
In a major 1986 essay, Joseph Greenberg, Chrystie Turner and Stephen Zegura argued that three founding migrations peopled the Americas and that each migration formed one of the putative three language families still found in native New World populations.
In John Adams, Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer David McCullough has written a refreshing and interesting examination of one of the most prominent but least appreciated of America's Founding Fathers.
Struggling newsletter publishers today, who find themselves in the same position as some of the founding members 25 years ago, can take heart from the extraordinary accomplishments of many of the founding members.
By 1975 the issue had become so confused that the members of an American Bar Association committee charged with sorting it out threw up their hands and announced, "It is doubtful that the Founding Fathers had any intent in mind with regard to the meaning of this Amendment."
The first gives the background of Marian spirituality in the Church and shows how this gave inspiration and courage to the founding fathers and mothers of the new country.
"The concern that the Founding Fathers had about the separation of church and state was what the church might do to the state," the Rev.