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Synonyms for foundational

arising from or going to the root or source

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s and Techtronic Industries foundational patents on high-power lithium-ion battery packs for power tools are valid.
Adopting and signing a 'Happy Childhood Pledge' as the foundational document for Khushaal Bachpan Abhiyaan.
Over the last three decades we have seen the rise of oligopoly and monopoly in the foundational economy, and an increasing level of covert state subsidy; this feeds the profits of big business in the sector but frustrates social objectives and the broad distribution of welfare through adequate supplies of basic goods and services.
They discuss how the development of foundational reading skills varies across grades and how instruction should reflect that; the role of automaticity and prosody in fluency and the comprehension of text, as well as how instruction can contribute to success with the Common Core State Standards; tools and strategies for assessment; instructional strategies like echo, choral, and partner reading; instruction for shared reading, flexible groups, and individual students; and supplemental instruction.
Each in turn challenges not MacIntyre's basic position, which he claims to get from Aquinas, that the precepts of natural law are universal, exceptionless, and unchanging, but rather his more controversial claim that these preliminary precepts are both specific enough to guide moral conduct and foundational enough to be known by all apart from any theology.
Foundational skills go hand-in-hand with career and technical education because they provide the basis for career-specific learning and on-the-job training.
Methodologies for helping middle school students with learning difficulties internalize basic mathematic skills are discussed at length, along with lesson plans, guidelines for teaching self-directed problem-solving strategies, recommendations for building foundational concepts, and much more.
Thus, he rejects the claim that, irrespective of what the foundational beliefs of Christianity are, one can determine the essence of Christianity in terms of how Christians act.
In their supportive commentary, Cooper and Browning contend that one key hindrance to a fair and balanced dialog between the disciplines is foundational truth.
A professor of government at the University of Virginia and the author of several excellent books on American politics and political thought, Ceaser identifies three kinds of foundational concepts in American history, deriving from views of nature, history, and religion.
In our first three years," says Hollie of the independent preK-8 charter school with 100-percent African-American students, "we noticed that many students lacked foundational skills in math and performed poorly on state tests.
As the (four) Massachusetts' bishops had argued, neither the judiciary nor the legislature should substitute itself for the sovereignty of the people, especially on such a foundational matter as the meaning of marriage for the common good of society (Zenit.
These foundational concepts give Chinese medicine its adaptability to address a wide variety of ills of the body, mind, and spirit from ancient to contemporary times.
they do not assess concepts at the foundational level.
Both of these programs, however, had certain foundational problems in their conception and execution and these remained operative throughout the long period of their existence; they need to be pointed out so that if a future program comes into existence, it may benefit from this analyses.
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