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Synonyms for foundation

Synonyms for foundation

that on which something immaterial, such as an argument or a charge, rests

a fundamental principle or underlying concept

a justifying fact or consideration

Synonyms for foundation

the basis on which something is grounded

an institution supported by an endowment

education or instruction in the fundamentals of a field of knowledge


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the fundamental assumptions from which something is begun or developed or calculated or explained

a woman's undergarment worn to give shape to the contours of the body

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We have seen that we are driven to believe in the subsidence of those vast areas, interspersed with low islands, of which not one rises above the height to which the wind and waves can throw up matter, and yet are constructed by animals requiring a foundation, and that foundation to lie at no great depth.
Because, as is stated above, he who has not first laid his foundations may be able with great ability to lay them afterwards, but they will be laid with trouble to the architect and danger to the building.
Having exterminated the leaders, and turned their partisans into his friends, the duke laid sufficiently good foundations to his power, having all the Romagna and the Duchy of Urbino; and the people now beginning to appreciate their prosperity, he gained them all over to himself.
Yet there were in the duke such boldness and ability, and he knew so well how men are to be won or lost, and so firm were the foundations which in so short a time he had laid, that if he had not had those armies on his back, or if he had been in good health, he would have overcome all difficulties.
There are in every part of the valley a great many of these massive stone foundations which have no houses upon them.
The Ford Foundation has a long history of funding efforts to subvert national sovereignty and to foment unrest in the interest of pursuing internationalist goals in the United States and abroad.
The California CPA Foundation for Education and Research was created in 1966 following approval from CalCPA's board of directors to form a separate nonprofit corporation as a subsidiary of CalCPA.
The majority of the foundation dogs are in Southern California,'' said Deresa Teller of Simi Valley, the owner of Bella, a border collie who was inducted into the California Veterinary Medical Association Hall of Fame.
Next, apply a light moisturizer--this helps your skin stay hydrated and also lays down a nice base for even foundation application.
Swig has been a Vice President of the Foundation for many years, contributing his time and efforts in support of their philanthropic endeavors.
The James Irvine Foundation, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and Ford Foundation have collectively offered $500,000 earmarked for artists.
It's no surprise California is at the forefront of the foundation movement--which started decades ago with the constraints of Proposition 13 and has accelerated during the past three years because of the state's budget crisis.
With the 2005 MTNA National Conference just a few months away, now is the time to consider naming a deserving colleague an MTNA FOUNDATION Fellow and having them recognized at the FOUNDATION Gala during the conference.
The donor's supporting foundation role can pass to subsequent generations.
The NL/NL article reports that some NEPA board members "expressed dissatisfaction with the activities of the foundation.
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