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any of several deciduous low-growing shrubs of the genus Fothergilla having showy brushlike spikes of white flowers in spring and fiery red and orange autumn color

small genus of deciduous shrubs of the southeastern United States

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Fothergilla major is very hardy and slow-growing and will thrive in full sun or semi-shade.
After 30 years in the garden here at Glebe Cottage, our fothergilla is still only waist high.
Radtke, M.G., Pigg, K.B., and Wehr, W.C., 2005, Fossil Corylopsis and Fothergilla leaves (Hamamelidaceae) from the lower Eocene flora of Republic, Washington, U.S.A., and their evolutionary and biogeographic significance: International Journal of Plant Sciences, v.
A couple of weeks after noticing the striking fothergilla, you are working on a landscape renovation project for a new client, who is excited about incorporating plants that provide more than one season of interest.
Fothergilla, either the dwarf (Fothergilla gardenii) or large (F.
Why are the leaves of my fothergilla turning brown?
Fothergilla gardenii foth-er-gill'-uh gar-de'-ne-eye
Fothergilla major, also sold as Fothergilla monticola , comes from swamps and woodland in the south-eastern US.
The yellows, reds, oranges and bronze colouring on plants like acer, parrotia, and fothergilla are so bright and vivid they would stand up against the most vibrant of flowers.
Both Fothergilla gardenii and Fothergilla major offer three seasons of interest.
Try shrubs such as Cotinus (the smoke bush), Fothergilla, Acer palmatum (Japanese maples) or for larger spaces a tree such as a bigger Acer or even the richly-coloured Liquidambar.
Other plants giving excellent colour are Liquidambar trees, Fothergilla and the deciduous Euonymous.
The Fothergilla has wonderful fluffy-looking flowers in delicate yellow but, come autumn, its once-bright green leaves turn egg-yolk yellow and red.
Miocene and the Pliocene in France; Fothergilla, possibly in the Eocene
Shop for fall color: look for fothergilla, Parrotia persica, and a variety of maples.