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someone who is raised as a son although not related by birth

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In his 1997 Pericles on Stage, which dealt with the first of extant plays by Aristophanes, Vickers argued that the principle targets of the Greek playwright's humor were the long-dead Pericles, Cleon, and Pericles' foster son, Alcibiades.
He is adopted as Penda's foster son and learns the ways of a warrior, in the process learning to love and respect Penda, so that when his father breaks the uneasy truce between the two kingdoms Egfrid has conflicting loyalties.
As a subsidiary and much lesser side plot, the love affair between foster son Gabe and his 16-year-old would-be girlfriend Yasmine is provided for relief, even though he is forbidden contact with her.
Although May Lemke will always be remembered for her powerful love, determination, persistence and unshakeable belief in her foster son, readers of "May's Boy: The Rest of the Story" will discover many other facets of May Lemke's unique personality.
But Hennie gives her beloved, different foster son a memorable farewell: "Have a safe flight, dear .
Maureen Trees and her partner, Ian Moore, and their foster son, Yacouba Traore, 19, are all on the Three network and have been having problems since Thursday last week.
Elsewhere, Chalky is having problems understanding foster son Kevin.
In one notorious incident in 2010, American foster mother Torry Hansen sent her Russian foster son back to Russia alone by plane, with a note asking the authorities to take him back.
The SWAT team stormed Millender's home looking for her foster son, Jerry Ray Bowen, who was wanted for assaulting his girlfriend and was allegedly threatening her with a "black sawed-off shotgun with a pistol grip.
11 ( ANI ): Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has decided to keep the education ministry portfolio with himself following the resignation of state education minister Peerzada Sayeed over accusations that he used state education department officials to help his foster son to pass the Class 10th board examinations.
66 crore disproportionate assets case, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on Tuesday fielded questions relating to firms in which she was a "dormant partner" and the extravagant wedding of her estranged foster son.
In 1959, he made the mosque functional and his foster son, Mir Taj Mohd -- father of superstar Shah Rukh Khan -- was made president of the managing committee of the mosque.
They came back to the San Francisco Bay Area when they moved to Oakland just a handful of years later and adopted their third child--a teenage foster son.
The young striker's foster mum, Manon van Overdeek, said: "Yes I have had contact with Chelsea, but as far as I know it will be impossible for my foster son to play for the club because he is a refugee and doesn't have a passport.