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a person who acts as parent and guardian for a child in place of the child's natural parents but without legally adopting the child

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Cebu City - "We urgently need more foster parents, families and foster homes for abandoned, neglected, surrendered children and foundling in Central Visayas.
They are 'adopted' by volunteers or foster parents who will guide them through their studies until they complete their basic education.
I first became a foster parent 35 years ago and I have to say that the program has evolved into a highly supportive network to provide the best care for vulnerable children while their families are in crisis.
When taking into consideration that child care often costs more than foster parent rates provide, it's a wonder that parents are able to foster any children at all.
I truly believe God inspired me and guided me in writing this tale to encourage others to become active in being adoptive and foster parents to give children a chance in life as I was given.
The foster parents that come to us work with them, give them that hope and help them make changes.
The Weavers at that point had been foster parents for over a year to two girls, aged seven and three.
Foster parents often step into that void to provide the care and atmosphere of a loving home which is why the story about Stuart and Carol Cock is so remarkable as they have looked after 219 vulnerable children since 1968.
We considered that the foster parent accepted the chick when it showed protective behavior toward the orphaned chick, i.
The Alabama Foster Parent "Bill of Rights" in section (7) states that foster parents should have the "right to information concerning behavioral problems, health history, educational status, cultural and family background, and other issues relative to the child which are known to the department at the time the child is placed in foster care prior to the child's placement with a foster parent or parents.
The aim of this study was to explore foster parent perceptions of challenges in culturally matched placements.
Each of the 46 sections has to be signed off by a supervisor before the foster parent can be handed a Certificate of Successful Completion.
The Supportive Foster Parent is designed to point them in the right direction.
It can be daunting to be a foster parent, offering care to a child who is faced with the anxiety of their situation.
SAJAAD KHAN, Gresham ward, Middlesbrough * DAUGHTER KEEPING UP THE FAMILY TRADITION: Pat Bailey is retiring as a foster parent after 26 years, daughter Jane has also been a foster parent for 10 years Picture by Ian Cooper