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a woman who is a foster parent and raises another's child

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Lin said her most impressive memory of the foster family was that her foster father was really good at baking cakes and her foster mother would make lemon fig jelly with crashed ice and gave her a bowl after school.
Kevin Wayne Adams has been charged with four counts of aggravated murder for the shooting deaths of his foster mother, Donya Adams, 55; her daughter Amory Adams, 26; and foster daughter Payshience "Tia" Adams, 10, who also is Kevin Adams' biological sister.
com/news/fatal-injury-occurred-just-minutes-after-child-welfare-worker-left-home-detective-says-20170303/) a foster mother was arrested in the case of the death of a 17-year-old boy who suffered head injuries weeks after he was adopted.
But at the other end, Mithlesh and the groom's foster mother Rajni bitterly fought over the shape, size and design of the newly married couple.
Scholars interested in nineteenth-century America and Eastern Europe, Jewish identity, Am Olam, migration, Diaspora, communism, and utopian ideals might benefit from Stepmother Russia, Foster Mother America.
The girl's ' crime' was bedwetting which her foster mother Sandhya was not willing to tolerate.
Although her foster mother tries her best to make Anna comfortable, the girl can't bring herself to believe that her foster mother might actually love her.
Her and her brother's early years were spent in a loveless and torturous relationship with a foster mother who abused and neglected them.
Ann's crime scenario will be based around a young man found dead in a locked room, a grieving foster mother, a landlord who keeps himself to himself and the picture of a girl.
Kinney, the boy's foster mother, beamed as she described how the child has blossomed since he came in December to live with Mrs.
A SADISTIC foster mother was found guilty yesterday of beating, humiliating and terrorising children as young as two.
Summary: A zookeeper in Norway acts as a foster mother to an abandoned moose.
Denise Griffith, 55, foster mother of the boys, cheated death but lost her husband and mother.
The money will be used to buy a Heatons' Home of Hope housing a foster mother and father and up to nine children.
Washington, November 9 (ANI): Photos of a teenage Marilyn Monroe as a model and a letter that she wrote to her foster mother will be up for auction next month.