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a household in which an orphaned or delinquent child is placed (usually by a social-service agency)

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Her foster home also taught her all kinds of commands and bragged that she is pretty smart.
Before conducting the interview, Jane encouraged the team to bring in Roman (Luke Mitchell) because he also grew up in a foster home.
Moody explained how the foster home squeeze overall can contribute to keeping children in psychiatric hospitals longer, which can cost $650 a day just for that child's room and board.
Ms Lynch said: "I strongly believe it is in the public interest we establish the facts surrounding vulnerable people who were placed in this foster home.
At holiday times, Hope Rescue face a shortage of spaces as demand increases for holiday boarders and there is literally 'no room at the inn' - so a plea for foster homes to give dogs a warm place by the fire is top of the Christmas list.
However, since being found William has begun his road to recovery and he has now been discharged from the vets and is currently in a foster home in Coventry.
But it's even sadder when there's not a foster home place for that child to go to.
Elesha Joseph, 16, and her sister Olivia, 15, were last seen at their foster home in Goring-by-Sea, WorW -thing, at around 6pm on Wednesday.
We are also in desperate need of foster homes for elderly cats and dogs.
Interventions providing behavioural parenting training and support to foster carers might therefore increase adoption by reducing the interference of such problems and strengthening the child's foster home integration.
Recently, the nearest foster home it could find one pooch, a corgi-terrier cross called Billy, was 40 miles away in Derby.
AN URGENT appeal by the Cyprus Mail to find a temporary foster home for a stray dog has led to it being given the chance of a new life in Britain.
Canadian foster homes are analogous to the traditional adult foster home model in the United States, defined as three or more individuals in a residential care facility, small group home, or family-type setting under state regulation (Deci & Mattix, 1997).
Eleven-year-old Whitney is entering her 12th foster home and she is jaded.