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Synonyms for fossilized

Synonyms for fossilized

set in a rigidly conventional pattern of behavior, habits, or beliefs

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Heyuan is known as the "hometown of the dinosaur" in China, with many fossilized eggs discovered over the decades.
Caption: Fossilized eggshells of the dinosaur Heyuannia huangi harbor pigments that would have colored the shells in shades of blue and brown.
Fossilized rod and cone cells the kinds that help people see in color and detail have been discovered for the first time in a 300millionyearold fossil specimen of a fish called Acanthodes bridgei, according to a scientific study recently published in Nature Communications journal.
Fossilized records from the Cambrian Period, which occurred between 540 million and 485 million years ago, provide glimpses into evolutionary biology when the world's ecosystems rapidly changed and diversified.
German researchers studied the feasibility of using CT and 3-D printers to nondestructively separate fossilized bone from its surrounding sediment matrix and produce a 3-D print of the fossilized bone itself.
Spinosaurs were large, meat-eating dinosaurs whose fossilized remains are often found in the same areas as the bones of tyrannosaurs (such as Tyrannosaurus rex).
Studies of the fossilized teeth suggest that the girl was about 3 years old when she died.
Scientists discovered Selam's fossilized skull and skeleton in December 2000.
Studies of other imprints from prehistoric plants and fossilized pollen made it clear that this layer was, in fact, a single page in a potential encyclopedia of dinosaur fossils.
4, Pit 91 -- the world's only urban Ice Age paleontological dig -- will bustle with activity as the remains of fossilized bones, plants and insects trapped in the sticky ground as long as 40,000 years ago are unearthed.
She's in charge of resurfacing a planet called Kingdom where the excavation shows a fossilized plesiosaur holding a sign that reads "End Nuclear Testing Now.
The fossilized crania of three hominids -- two adults and one child -- and skull pieces and teeth from seven other individuals found in Herto are believed to be about 60,000 years older than the fossils considered until now to have been the most aged modern human remains.
Amidst an eclectic mix of engine failures, erotica, history, humor, and mountain Shangrilas, he kneels on a Great Slave Lake shoreline composed of fossilized organisms that once filled our skies with oxygen we breathed in to sustain life.
In an article in the June 28th issue of Science, Kirk Johnson and Beth Ellis of the Denver Museum of Nature and Sciences reported finding fossilized evidence of a lush rainforest in Castle Rock, just 25 miles south of Denver.
the glacially formed landscapes and fossilized plants and creatures that surround the area.