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deciduous dioecious Chinese tree having fan-shaped leaves and fleshy yellow seeds

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Caption: Only time separates this fossil tree from its living analogue.
The upright fossil tree ofMacroneuropteris scheuchzeri buried in growth position and described herein helps fill this gap in our knowledge.
UP FOR GRABS Above, a postcard of the Stanhope fossil tree, now on display in the town, when it was found in a County Durham quarry.
Emmons assigned the fossil tree to "the order sigillariae" and noted its resemblance to "a fluted column" (Emmons 1836, p.
A university spokes-man said: "The segment of the fossil tree is rare these days as this sort of find only usually comes from around active coal fields.
On the remains of a reptile (Dendrerpeton acadianum Wyman and Owen), and of a land shell discovered in the interior of an erect fossil tree in the coal measures of Nova Scotia.
Jim Martin, who retired as a BT engineer 12 years ago and lives at Hadston, is warden at Hauxley nature reserve where visitors park next to a fossil tree dug up during opencasting and a Bronze Age stone burial chamber which has been reassembled.
Some account of a fossil tree in the Coal Grit near Darlaston, south Staffordshire.
Look out for the living fossil trees, edible ornamentals and bug hotels and hedgehog houses designed to entice the wildlife.
There are numerous rhododendrons, fossil trees, woodlands carpeted with flowers, four terraced areas for enjoying the sun and a rockery with path meandering between.