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Synonyms for forwardness

Synonyms for forwardness

Synonyms for forwardness

offensive boldness and assertiveness

an advanced stage

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prompt willingness

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It gives you this sense of forward looking, of the forwardness of history as well as the backwardness of history, and what a gift to have this new life and to look forward.
I applaud the CFP Board for its honesty and straight forwardness in disciplining its Chairman.
He said honesty and straight forwardness has become stigma in our society and is looked down upon by the people.
And then, in addition to this form of pleasure, there is the more uncertain and compromising pleasure, or forwardness, connected with the personal backstory.
He preached a merciful-humanist brand of a "good Islam" and cited to this effect Ali Bin Abi Taleb's straight forwardness both in word and deed.
She said: "All the D+ styles were based heavily on support and were not as attractive as the styles available in the smaller sizes, they all seemed to be missing elements of fun or fashion forwardness, which really frustrated me as I felt that I couldn't buy any nice underwear.
WHAT I love about the new Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Sharon Sullivan, Is her straight forwardness, her no-nonsense approach, which isn't everybody's cup of tea.
Despite the relatively straight forwardness of OFDMA, it has very attractive advantages.
The same holds for this "bedroom scene": the heroine's haste to offer herself to the hero, before even allowing him to disarm himself or recover from his wounds, suggests a measure of forwardness or seduction which is dissonant with the portrayal of this lady as a stereotypical romance heroine.
That seems to be the whole point of this type of reference book and Griffin has weaved it together with eloquent simplicity, straight forwardness, a dash of humor and genuine care.
The imagination of "Dover Beach" exclaims a forwardness without the slightest hope for what may lie ahead.
In one sense, given O'Nolan's proclivity for male-centered novels, Crawford's forwardness is almost refreshing.
backwardness or forwardness of a caste group; which, the economist says,