forward market

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a commodity exchange where futures contracts are traded

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The Bahraini dinar too weakened in forward markets against the dollar, with one-year dollar-dinar one-year forwards rising to 407.6 points, the highest since September 2016, Zawya reported.
The Saudi riyal dropped in the one-year forward market on Thursday to imply riyal depreciation of 0.8 per cent against the dollar in the next 12 months, compared to 0.3 per cent before the crackdown.
In Case 1, there were 88 trading companies doing forward market capacity trades that became effective 60 days or more from trade date to effective date.
Leveraging the economic power of forward markets, Forward Market Media is now providing fans with an opportunity to self-aggregate and create an extraordinary in-flight tailgate party should their team qualify for this year's Playoff semifinals.
These prices will be published daily in two one-hour windows, giving independent suppliers and generators the opportunity to buy power more effectively in the forward market.
Gibson added that "the Freight Forward market expects TD5 earnings for 2013 to be around $8,250/day.
(the Portuguese office of the Iberian market operator for forward market), as chairman of EUROPEX, the Association of European Energy Exchanges.
The forward market was an only exception, where almost all newly placed issues were trading active.
Eve will play a key role in driving forward market research, analytics, promotions and website projects Flowtech have further strengthened their business development team with the appointment of Ryan Williams (4).
Subservicers have been utilized for decades in the forward market. While the number of reverse-mortgage servicers has grown, the number of reverse-mortgage subservicers has remained relatively small.
However, the new estimates are relatively conservative in relation to the forward market, Terra Markets said in an analysis.
"We have seen that impact in the CDS market heading lower as well as the forward market."
The company attributed the decrease to the contracted forward market prices and to losses in spot market prices.
The investors typically do not cover the transaction by selling the projected foreign-currency payout in the forward market, which would lock in a known return in dollars.
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