forward market

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a commodity exchange where futures contracts are traded

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The Saudi riyal dropped in the one-year forward market on Thursday to imply riyal depreciation of 0.
With the liquidity in the currency options market being squeezed, the market may move to become purely offshore, or activity may turn instead to the Fx forward market, we think.
Leveraging the economic power of forward markets, Forward Market Media is now providing fans with an opportunity to self-aggregate and create an extraordinary in-flight tailgate party should their team qualify for this year's Playoff semifinals.
The underlying arbitrage should quickly eliminate the international return differentials by narrowing interest-rate spreads and encouraging the foreign currencies to appreciate in the spot market, and depreciate in the forward market, relative to the dollar.
Secondly, for investors who need to hedge currency exposure or take speculative positions using the NDF market instead of the domestic forward market, knowledge of the cross-market relation constitutes important information for their investment strategy.
com warned that the price of gas on the forward market for next winter is 22% higher than it is at present, making the cost of procuring energy more expensive for suppliers.
Increases in the cost of gas on the forward market will make further price rises inevitable before the end of the year - the industry has margins to protect and shareholders to satisfy.
Liquidity risk increases both because foreign borrowers may react collectively towards Norwegian banks to a greater extent than ordinary Norwegian depositors and because of the possibility of liquidity problems in the forward market where the currency is temporarily exchanged for NOK.
These techniques include forward market hedge, futures hedge, money market hedge, currency options, exposure netting and the use of official export/financing agencies.
As we look at casting marketing, we see five strong trends evident for the 1990s: increased use of forward market planning; more involvement by top management in the marketing process; adoption of systems in all aspects of marketing; better coordination, direction and control over line marketing activities; and emphasis on target marketing.
By contrast, there has been little discussion about the desirability of forward market intervention or the formulation of optimal intervention rules in the forward market.
The benefit is that the company's exposure associated with an FC asset or liability position can be offset, fully or partially, by taking an opposite position in the forward market.
The new market design adds an Integrated Forward Market and a Full Network Model that together will allow the California ISO to manage bottlenecks on the power grid earlier and more efficiently.
Forward Market Media said it has launched a first-of-its kind reservation system at http://americanairlines.
He said that the limits on 'Net Open Positions' of licensed commercial banks would be increased and the limits set on forward market transactions would also be relaxed.
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