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Synonyms for forty-ninth

the ordinal number of forty-nine in counting order


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In doing so, the forty-ninth digression transforms from absurdity to profundity.
MTNA 2004 Young Artist String Competition winner Anna Burden was among the winners of the forty-ninth annual WAMSO Young Artists Competition, held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in January.
So the announcement that Robert Gober has been selected to represent the US at the forty-ninth Venice Biennale, which opens next June, comes as welcome news.
Texas is fiftieth in spending for teachers' salaries (counting benefits), forty- ninth in spending for the environment, forty-ninth for the arts, forty- eighth for parks and recreation, forty-seventh for delivery of social services, forty-sixth for police protection, forty-fifth for public libraries, forty-second for child-support collections, fortieth for natural resources, thirty-second for higher education.
Makes you wonder which states were forty-ninth and fiftieth, right?