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being nine more than forty


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Early and late, on trail or in camp beside the trail he was ever in evidence, ever busy at something, ever responsive to the hail of "Father Christmas." Weary back-trippers would rest their packs on a log or rock alongside of where he rested his, and would say: "Sing us that song of yourn, dad, about Forty-Nine." And, when he had wheezingly complied, they would arise under their loads, remark that it was real heartening, and hit the forward trail again.
I drove my four yoke of oxen across the Plains in Forty-nine and lost nary a one.
Each captain of the forty-nine other feluccas I made a duke.
It put him into the worst possible humor, therefore, to hear that the gallant Prince Jason, and forty-nine of the bravest young warriors of Greece, had come to Colchis with the sole purpose of taking away his chief treasure.
He could think of nothing better to be done than to summon together his forty-nine brave Argonauts, march at once to the Grove of Mars, slay the dragon, take possession of the Golden Fleece, get on board the Argo, and spread all sail for Iolchos.
Unless you set sail from Colchis before to-morrow's sunrise, the king means to burn your fifty-oared galley, and put yourself and your forty-nine brave comrades to the sword.
The land area is 3 hectares, it will be used for the construction of the building for Chinese Embassy for a period up to forty-nine years.
This year, the publishers continue the experimentation with Two or Three Years Later: Forty-Nine Digressions, a surrealist collection from Ror Wolf.
What your story fails to point out is that those involved in the study consisted of 49 (yes, forty-nine) clerical and managerial staff from a range of workplaces.
Summary: Dakhla - Forty-nine Saharawis escaped the notorious Tindouf camps (south-west of Algeria) to join their homeland, Morocco.
John Nichols's argument for impeachment claims to be based in political realism, but misses the most obvious political reality: there is no chance of convicting Bush in a Senate composed of forty-nine Republicans.
"Forty-nine of the 50 states have curriculum frameworks that range from 30 to 100 objectives annually.
The forty-nine essays by nearly as many authors cover introductory questions, the genres used in the Bible, documents (ancient manuscripts, textual criticism, and early interpretation), historical surveys, institutions (languages, religion, social life, and religious practices of the first churches), biblical figures (patriarchs and matriarchs, Moses, David and Solomon, Jesus, and Paul, religious ideas (salvation, death and afterlife, purity), modern translations by Christians and Jews, and methods used in biblical studies today.