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Synonyms for forty-fifth

the ordinal number of forty-five in counting order


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Cairo, Mar 3 (ONA) Forty-fifth session of the Arab Health Ministers Council, headed by Mauritania concludedat the headquarters of the Arab League today.
It should stand as the definitive biography of the forty-fifth governor of Texas for a long while.
He was inaugurated as the forty-fifth Vice President of the United States on January 20, 1993, where he served eight years.
The organization of the conference comes in implementation of the directives of Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdulaziz, Minister of Interior, the Honorary President of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers, and President of the University's Supreme Council, in response to the recommendations of Arab Information Ministers Conference at its forty-fifth session recently in Egypt.
So while there are only 133 subject pictures amon8 nearly 650 separate items catalogued, each entry records and illustrates dozens of preparatory drawings--more than 50 in the case of Geoffrey Chaucer Reading 'The Legend of Custance' to Edward III and His Court, at the Palace of Sheen, on the Anniversary of the Black Prince's Forty-Fifth Birthday (1845-51).
A couple of days ago I was uptown, I was waiting on the corner of Sixth Avenue and Forty-Fifth Street for the lights to change when I became aware of the familiarity of the fat neck on the man in front of me.
972 writers are politically engaged," said Noam, "and although we have differences within the group on almost every issue, I think I would not be wrong in saying that we all support democracy, freedom of speech, human rights, and perhaps most importantly, we are committed to political justice and bringing an end to the occupation which has entered its forty-fifth year.
The conference was scheduled for this year because 2011 is the four hundredth anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible, also the forty-fifth anniversary of the Jerusalem Bible, states Daniel Jeyaraj, professor of world Christianity, director of the center, and an IBMR contributing editor.
On the day of that epiphanic home run in 1960, my father, a millwright on the Open Hearth at Edgar Thomson Steel Works in Braddock, the first steel mill that Andrew Carnegie erected in the United States, was six days away from his forty-fifth birthday.
In living eleven and one-half more years, however, Lawrence nearly reached his forty-fifth birthday and thus nearly completed not only the eighth, but also the ninth phase, or "luster," of his life (as he called it in Look
2006 [visitado 2010 Ago]; Forty-fifth edition, Supplement (October): Disponible en: http:// www.
On Davids's forty-fifth birthday, March 19, 1971, he mailed approximately thirty-five invitations to a meeting in Cooperstown.
His plans for the parcel call for a $200 million retail and office development dubbed Forty-Fifth at the time.