forty winks

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sleeping for a short period of time (usually not in bed)

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In Forty Winks, the newest play from My Night with Reg writer Kevin Elyot, an older man finds the spitting image of the long-lost love of his youth in the face of a 14-year-old girl.
When truck drivers stop to catch forty winks, they usually leave their engines running in order to keep warm or stay cool.
Maybe that's why Laurent Blanc decided to have forty winks while Villa took a lead they fully deserved 10 minutes before the break.
On one side of a glass wall, Warhol's Sleep, showing the poet John Giorno catching forty winks, was projected in 16 mm without audio.
Eastern Accents' best seller at market was the Bonanza collection, from its new Forty Winks juvenile line.
A bit insulting when MPs on 75k are enjoying a lifetime of drinks receptions and a sneaky forty winks on the backbenches.
Forty winks, snooze, kip and more are just a few of the terms we use when we retire up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire.
Earplugs or an eyemask may also help you bag those forty winks with relative ease.
Like many stable staff, she was sensibly snatching forty winks between morning and evening stables, but she nodded off in her lodgings near Lambourn after leaving the bath running and woke to find all the ground-floor carpets ruined.
So till next time Mum, we say goodnight, it's only forty winks that will make us sleep tight.
For example, I bet you didn't know that if you parked illegally and for whatever reason decided to grab forty winks, the traffic warden is forbidden to knock on the car window lest they give you a heart attack.
There were those who caught their forty winks amid the hullabaloo, but when awake joined in the fanfare with gusto.
The name isn't terribly innovative, and nor is the concept really, as its quite simply about offering someone the ability to take a power-nap, or catch-up on forty winks.
The rooms, which start from pounds 25 for four hours, are comfortable and surprisingly quiet given their location, and are the perfect place to catch forty winks without the hassle of getting to the terminal on time.