forty winks

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sleeping for a short period of time (usually not in bed)

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From January 28th, Qantas flights to Hong Kong, Tokyo/Narita, Bangkok, Jakarta, Shanghai and Manila will round out the 'forty winks at 40,000 feet' program.
Heat 8 1 Murrali Junior 2 Liveanddangerous 3 O Garney Rock 4 Forty Winks 5 Prima Vera (m) 6 Ballybough Hawke (w).
Summary: Property developer calls for retrial after Dubai World Tribunal member caught catching forty winks during legal proceedings for $15.5m case
Edinburgh is the only zoo in the UK to house koalas - more cute bears who like nothing more than a quick forty winks. Much more active are the highenergy, value-for-money squirrel monkeys whose tricks and capers have us all in stitches.
That is, if the insomniac got his forty winks at all.
IF losing a few hours sleep is the price to pay for improving Everton's reputation in Europe, Phil Neville is more than happy to miss out on his forty winks.
- have discovered that humans have a built-in mechanism triggering the need for forty winks after a meal.
It's a form of throwing down the gauntlet, then, for Elyot to call his latest play "Forty Winks," especially since the 70-minute one-act has arrived in an always intriguing if overdeliberate staging from Katie Mitchell, better known for her work on Chekhov and the Greeks.
In Forty Winks, the newest play from My Night with Reg writer Kevin Elyot, an older man finds the spitting image of the long-lost love of his youth in the face of a 14-year-old girl.
When truck drivers stop to catch forty winks, they usually leave their engines running in order to keep warm or stay cool.
Maybe that's why Laurent Blanc decided to have forty winks while Villa took a lead they fully deserved 10 minutes before the break.
On one side of a glass wall, Warhol's Sleep, showing the poet John Giorno catching forty winks, was projected in 16 mm without audio.
Eastern Accents' best seller at market was the Bonanza collection, from its new Forty Winks juvenile line.
Forty Winks: A good night's sleep may do more for you than you'd think.