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the practice of predicting people's futures (usually for payment)

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In fairness to his newly-acquired fortunetelling skills, he did eventually (two minutes later - a veritable lifetime on radio) sniff the Spanish cheese and take a tiny nibble, giving him a 100 per cent predicting record.
As Saudi Arabia has no written penal code, the charges are often vague, covering anything from fortunetelling to astrology to making charms believed to bring love, health or pregnancy.
At every turn, Perseus and his cohorts are terrorised by giant scorpions, a gaggle of blind, fortunetelling witches or the deformed Acrisius.
After all, if I had those kind of fortunetelling skills I'd be living it up as a master gambler.
The Livingston Parish fortunetelling case will not become that controlling Supreme Court decision.
Arab ministers of health recently called for a ban on satellite channels that broadcast shows about fortunetelling or sorcery, and stressed that these programs encourage people to abandon conventional medicine and look for alternatives, which they deemed was destructive.
A Louisiana parish has repealed an ordinance prohibiting fortunetelling and soothsaying after a federal judge found the ban unconstitutional.
Psychologist Sima Pourshahriyari, who linked rising economic and social pressures to the increasing numbers of Iranians turning to fortune-tellers, told Reuters: "People feel they can take refuge in fortunetelling, which is different from the usual solutions around them.
They resorted to healing, fortunetelling, and counterfeiting, and devoted all their ingenuity and sociability to passing their counterfeit coins.
The Sheriff is furious that the messenger got away, especially having received a prediction from a fortunetelling Fool that the "ring of Lardner" spells trouble.
Continue to ring in 2007 with Kotohajime, the Japanese celebration of the new year featuring traditional festivities, including breaking of the sake barrel, shooting of the arrow, arts and crafts, Japanese fortunetelling and kite-making.
In this solidly written book, the renowned chief exorcist of Rome clarifies many questions pertaining to exorcisms and prayers of liberation, and presents the Church's views on astrology, occultism and fortunetelling.