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a person who foretells your personal future

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It's against the law to be a fortuneteller," said Ofer Almog, a Tel Aviv attorney who represented Kuma and has become something of a specialist in defending accused witches.
Bunche is a fortuneteller when he opines: "The Negro leader often quickly puffs up when given power.
Well, at Portland Center Stage patrons were enticed with an interactive paper fortuneteller, which has bolstered renewal subscriptions at the 13-year-old, 860-seat Newmark Theatre in Portland, Ore.
Question: Where did the fortuneteller go on her vacation?
The name is now applied to any prophetess or woman fortuneteller.
Her journey would be a total loss if it were not for the appearance of Faye Dunaway, who plays a carnival fortuneteller and Supergirl's nemesis.
The first victim was fortuneteller Lud-mila Kostina, 51.
The investigation of the apparent murder and resurrection of a fortuneteller is undertaken by tough, urbane Detective Sergeant Perry Dart and an erudite physician, John Archer.
As Jenny hunts for clues, a crazed killer starts hunting her, her companion William (Nick Waring), the original caretaker (Robin Parkinson), a mad old fortuneteller (Ingrid Pitt) and various others who drop in.
A Fortuneteller Predicted Messi's Injury Michel Hayek, "The Millennium Nostradamus", said on 31 December 2012, that Messi will be injured.
Primrose, age 15, has a childlike, neglectful fortuneteller for a mother, and she never knew her father: she creates a bedroom for herself in a junked van.
DESCRIBE YOUR BUSINESS: Originally, I was asked to develop a fortuneteller character for Universal Studios Orlando (Fla.
Although most showers skip entertainment, Fuhrman says a fortuneteller can be fun.