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a person who foretells your personal future

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Nonetheless, visiting fortunetellers is quite common here.
'Mr Hun Sen is either a very good fortuneteller or a dictator who decides and orders everything, openly or behind the scene, as he pleases,' he said, claiming the premier was creating 'judicial pretexts to keep me further from the election process'.
I have observed that almost all good psychics, clairvoyants, healers and fortunetellers are financially handicapped.
The given application allows users to apply to real fortunetellers. The "prediction" is made on the basis of the pictures taken
As a young girl at school she is told by a fortuneteller that she will become a famous singer and travel the world.
She needed a fortuneteller. AoI can see blue dragons rising behind your back,Ao Jeong Jae-jik, a gymnast turned job prophet, told the relieved 22-year-old at a crowded coffeehouse here.
Nazanin is not the only fortuneteller reporting an increase in customers.
He would make her the most famous fortuneteller ever to peer into a crystal ball.
Primrose, age 13, has a childlike, neglectful fortuneteller for a mother, and she never knew her father: she creates a bedroom for herself in a junked van.
It is in the chocolate swirls of coffee grounds that the fortuneteller says she can see what lies ahead.
Barbara Dever's Ulrica was a more elegant fortuneteller than is the norm, and caught the character's mysterious qualities through her stylish singing.
Bunche is a fortuneteller when he opines: "The Negro leader often quickly puffs up when given power.
Well, at Portland Center Stage patrons were enticed with an interactive paper fortuneteller, which has bolstered renewal subscriptions at the 13-year-old, 860-seat Newmark Theatre in Portland, Ore.
Question: Where did the fortuneteller go on her vacation?
The name is now applied to any prophetess or woman fortuneteller. There were a number of sibyls, and they had their seats in widely separate parts of the world: Greece, Italy, Babylonia, Egypt, etc.