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a person who foretells your personal future

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A troubled ghost asks whether love can survive death in Lucy Banks's compelling mystery, The Hanged Man and the Fortune Teller.
He said the problem was that the woman believed too strongly in the fortune teller, but whenever a dispute with a monk occurs, the public assumes that the monk did something wrong and does not listen to reason.
"Soon you will meet a handsome man, a rich gentleman," a fortune teller tells Middleton.
She said Imran addressed today's press conference on the signal of an anonymous fortune teller and it had become evident that he was obstructing progress of the country at the behest of somebody else.
As Korea goes through an economic downturn, the number of Korean shamans and fortune tellers is growing rapidly.
The lady shook her head, much to the bemusement of the fortune teller. "Then the young man you are with is no good.
Brit Niall Rice gave a fortune teller some PS500,000 to make sure a girl he met in the States fell for him
The wealthy Brit sought help from a New York fortune teller to help woo a girl he met in the States.
"I went to see a fortune teller last weekend who told me I would soon experience some toothache.
“'Logic Lotty: The Fortune Teller's Spoon' is a funny and engaging introduction to logic puzzles,” says Michael Weiss, the Executive Editor of Logic Puzzles at Penny Publications—North America's leading publisher of puzzle and fiction magazines.
SPOOKY experience for me this week - I went to see a fortune teller and I didn't have a great time.
Several months after the events of The Brightworking, Mikal and Lyra have set themselves up in a circus, using the all-knowing metal head, Orry, as a fortune teller. Soon enough, they realize that the evil magician Harlano is still on their trail, and they set out to find the wizard Imolla to help protect Orry.
Summary: Hong Kong:A Hong Kong fortune teller who once advised Asia's richest woman but was later ...
Summary: Fortune teller predicts year ahead for celebs including Psy, Taylor Swift and Sarah Jessica Parker.
Only this fortune teller gift of the Prime Minister can allow him to assess the incredible qualities of Sorensen after barely three-four months.