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a person who seeks wealth through marriage

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The former soldier turned drifter was a rough character even by Wild West standards and he suffered from epileptic fits that terrified many fellow fortune hunters and made him unpopular with them.
Wednesday Romancing the Stone E4 8pm Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner have sparkling chemistry in this fun comedy adventure following a writer who travels to South America to save her kidnapped sister, but ends up seeking lost treasure with a fortune hunter.
Under the circumstances, it's only natural that poor Catherine should fall for a handsome but heartless fortune hunter like Morris Townsend, a charming enough fellow in Dan Stevens' smooth performance, if rather too obviously a cad and a bounder.
King Solomon's Mines (C4, 1.15pm) Richard Chamberlain stars in this 1985 film which sees fortune hunter Allan Quatermain teaming up with a resourceful woman Jesse, to help her find her missing father lost in the wilds of Africa in the 1900s.
She became the wealthiest heiress in England before her life was turned upside down by the brutal and merciless fortune hunter Andrew Robinson "Stoney".
On the nonsinging front, Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts star in the Cold War comedy "Charlie Wilson's War." And Nicolas Cage returns as patriotic fortune hunter Ben Gates in "National Treasure: Book of Secrets"; a slumming Helen Mirren joins the cast.
There's a wonderful story told in a series of letters about a scheming fortune hunter and the apparently naive heiress he's targeted.
Since then he has worked for the legendary director Terence Malick in The Thin Red Line, played a fortune hunter in the period drama Washington Square and teamed up with Winona Ryder for the thriller Lost Souls.
The latter, shifting the time setting to the years of postwar affluence and materialism, focuses on the lives and fortunes of the offspring of several key figures in that Jewish tragedy, in particular the fortune hunter Anghelos Kallas, son of the unethical mayor during the German occupation.
The open and enthusiastic Marianne becomes infatuated with John Willoughby, who seems to be a romantic lover but is in reality an unscrupulous fortune hunter. He deserts her for an heiress, and she eventually makes a sensible marriage with Colonel Brandon, a staid and settled bachelor.
The Fortune Hunter, a play by the well-known dramatic caricaturist Winchell Smith, opened in New York City.
An overwhelming demand for lumber to build the cities of San Francisco and Oakland between 1850 and 1860 drove prices upward, and away to the woods with their mighty axes went many a fortune hunter. By 1860, all the giant trees had been cut.
She attracts the attention of a somewhat callow fortune hunter (D.W.
In February this year, he published Diary of a Fortune Hunter, a manual of his entrepreneurial experience and advice.
T4: Romancing the Stone (Channel 4, 12.30pm - 2.30pm) Comedy adventure, with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.A writer travels to South America to save her kidnapped sister, and ends up seeking lost treasure with a fortune hunter 1984 ***
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