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thin folded wafer containing a maxim on a slip of paper

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It occurred to me that she would have thought differently if she'd gotten a fortune cookie telling her that balancing the checkbook was far less important than helping me with my idea, but I decided there are times when silence is the better course of action.
Fortune Cookie was founded in 1997 by Cooke, who is currently chair of the British Interactive Media Association.
Fortune Cookie is a full service digital marketing services agency that was set up in 1997 by Justin Cooke.
Advertising and marketing services provider WPP plc (LSE:WPP) announced today that its Possible Worldwide interactive marketing agency business has acquired a majority stake in digital marketing services agency Fortune Cookie (UK) Limited.
GO WEST, YOUNG MAN For the hot-test cowboy shirt ever, Just a Cheap Shirt's newest is form-fitting with hip patches (check out the fortune cookie messages) typifying the trend to rugged, All-American styles.
EPiServer also plans to develop strategic partnerships with UK digital agencies such as LBi, Syzygy, TwentySix, Netcel, RAPP, Redweb, Fortune Cookie and Rufus Leonard.
Because the fortune cookie promotion during spring orientation was a success, the library repeated it for students and faculty during finals week.
Apple, which is notorious for banning applications from its iPhone store for arbitrary (or worse) reasons, initially barred a joke-telling application called "The Comic Fortune Cookie." According to Rick Cipes, proprietor of Outrageous App, Apple singled out one joke, a particularly Jewish one, for constituting "objectionable content." "I fired off a rant, with a lot of explanation points, basically saying how this joke has been in circulation for 50 years," Cipes e-mails, "and I am former journalist who is going to stop at nothing and make their lives miserable until they reversed their decision, blah, blah." Anyway, all's well that ends well: You can download the app, for free, onto your iPhone or compatible iPod.
Saying he was fond of quoting "fortune cookie philosophers," Judge Rosenthal told a gathering of about 200 in Mechanics Hall he was proud to have done his best in every case that came before him.
Costello, a writer, director, actor, and film and TV buff, describes the 11 films that featured the pairing of Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, from The Fortune Cookie to The Odd Couple II.
The Great American Fortune Cookie Novel: A Romance in Thousands of Fortunes
As the first Xie-Xie, the 400 square-foot jewel-box like restaurant is located at 645 Ninth Avenue, and features three major designs element that will be signature to concept: variegated facade logo, two-planed wall and ceiling and a fortune cookie wall.
Author Ben Costello looks at the pair's joint films ranging from their earliest work together in 'The Fortune Cookie', to their most wellknown film 'The Odd Couple', to their much more recent films 'Grumpy Old Men' and 'JFK'.
The food was decent enough, but when I opened my fortune cookie, the message read: "Enjoyed the meal?
It turns out there's quite a bit of argument over who "invented" the fortune cookie, with several San Francisco and Los Angeles figures claimed by their descendants and some scholars as deserving the credit.