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Synonyms for fortuity

the quality shared by random, unintended, or unpredictable events or this quality regarded as the cause of such events

Synonyms for fortuity

anything that happens suddenly or by chance without an apparent cause

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anywhere for analysis; search location is a matter of fortuity or
Finally, we do not address West Bend's argument that the fortuity doctrine, public policy, and the reasonable expectation of an insured eliminate its duty to defend because West Bend failed to adequately raise or develop these contentions.
Here, the Supreme Court similarly held that a subcontractor's faulty work does not meet the definition of an "occurrence" because it is not based in fortuity.
That singular fortuity is simply this: If you train your scope on Mars, you can actually see seasonal and even localized weather changes occur.
Adolescent life phase is a critical fortuity phase for inculcating healthy lifestyle and behavioral changes because during this time there cognitive as well behavioral domain is best to adopt necessary and healthy habits in the long term.
"It is also worth noting that, if we were to consider every sale of heroin to be gross negligence, it reduces criminal liability down to a matter of mere fortuity," Friedman wrote.
He underpins this idea as the ideological basis of the foundation for the "two-sided coin of racial fortuity" (2004, p.
In order to avoid the fortuity of a single optimization, we introduce Monte Carlo simulation to perform the decisionmaking process under the two modes 100 times, respectively, and record the average number of iterations after each operation.
This kind of laziness has many aspects, low level of official productivity, and lack of fortuity to long-term and hard work ...
To me, the best way to define risk is to consider what a person or a business could lose if a fortuity were to happen that is unexpected, unforeseen but plausible.
* the required deposit, where the property has been entrusted to a person under a compulsion fortuity;
In order to rule out the fortuity, the experiment was divided into several groups by manipulating different diameters of CNTs to repeat the fusion and measure the fusion effect by deflection of AFM.
It also lists certain common concerns of the rioters such as peer pressure, level of community involvement, the fortuity of residing near the trouble spot, the effectiveness of transport links and the role of social media.
(255) The proximate cause requirement is significant in the context of ESA liability because it "preclude[s] liability when the causal link between conduct and result is so attenuated that the consequence is more aptly described as a mere fortuity." (256) For example, TCEQ's overarching authority lies in its ability to merely issue the permits that allow municipalities or individuals to withdraw water.