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Synonyms for fortuity

the quality shared by random, unintended, or unpredictable events or this quality regarded as the cause of such events

Synonyms for fortuity

anything that happens suddenly or by chance without an apparent cause

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to establish that proximate causation is a "necessary limitation on liability," because, in regards to attenuated circumstances, "somewhere a point will be reached when courts will agree that the link has become too tenuous-that what is claimed to be consequence is only fortuity.
See Pushaw, Fortuity, supra note 188, at 324-47; Pushaw, Accidental Plaintiffs, supra note 183, at 66-105 (arguing that standing is best understood to limit court access to plaintiffs who have been injured because of chance events beyond their control).
Emergency anaesthetic management of penetrating thoracic trauma: Combining skill with fortuity Sumanlata Gupta, Satyen Parida, Ajith Kumar Pillai, and Ramesh Varadharajan Indian J Anaesth.
Being gives us the fortuity to know what we want and make plans to get it.
Fortuity change of residence of the parent who lives with the child can be interpreted in this situation as an obstruction of the right to private and family life of the other parent.
Yuri Tsivian's "Charlie Chaplin and His Shadows: On Laws of Fortuity in Art" explores the international legacy of Chaplin, particularly in the Soviet Union and among European intellectuals who appropriated Chaplin's "famous fame" in a range of illustrations, poems, and imitative films (71).
limiting Fourth Amendment protection based on the fortuity of where a
But all that fortuity can't be coming from nowhere.
As much as Davis regards "the extreme fortuity and contingency" of the Civil War's results as a genuine threat to the triumph of equality, "the outlawing of New World slavery" was as "foreseeable" as it was "astonishing.
His connections in other parts of the state along with his background provide him with fortuity.
However, most of us came to our place in the profession through a combination of ambition, hard work, unforeseen opportunities (and sometimes obstacles), a desire to meet our more important family obligations and some level of fortuity.