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After a goalless first half, the Seagulls took the lead a minute after the re-start - albeit fortuitously - when Tamworth's Josh Sampson attempted to clear Wes Baines' free-kick, but the ball bounced off Hopley and into the net.
The Reds new-look front three of Raheem Sterling, Daniel Sturridge and Lazar Markovic combined well throughout the first half, with Sturridge setting up Sterling - albeit fortuitously - for the winner But Rodgers approved of performances at both ends of the pitch.
McGurk's ninth of the season came only two minutes after Exeter had fortuitously taken the lead when Burton keeper Dean Lyness pushed out a John O'Flynn shot only for the ball to hit skipper Ian Sharps and bounce into the net.
Sam Gallagher, making his full debut at the age of 18, should have doubled the hosts' advantage soon after when a Nacho Monreal clearance fell fortuitously into his path, allowing the Gunners to turn the match on its head at the start of the second half.
Any ideas the Welsh outfit may have had about a comeback were dented once more just before halftime as Luke Ballinger's cross rather fortuitously found the far corner of Craig Morris' net.
Bale's debut on Saturday night lasted just over an hour and his departure passed the spotlight back to Cristiano Ronaldo, the player he replaced as the world's most expensive, who fortuitously put the visitors in front in the 64th minute.
This data will spit out much detail about any orbiting planets, which includes those fortuitously positioned from their parent stars for liquid surface water.
Fortuitously, a tummy ache lays up Daddy Troll thus obliging Troggle to go out and catch dinner.
This incident was entirely preventable and had Mr Morrow not fortuitously landed on a bag of sand, his injuries could have been a lot worse," he added.
She arranged an impromptu singing session with fellow songster Walid Tawfiq to be fortuitously performed in front of her manager and composer, Tareq Abu Judeh.
The security source asserted that the accident, which claimed the lives of 12 citizens, happened fortuitously while the victims were near a car belonging to a group of al-Qaeda.
Fortuitously, she was put in touch with dance scholar Jill Drayson Sweet (emerita, anthropology, Skidmore College), who had observed and studied the same dances during the same years--although the two had been unaware of each other's work.
Prestatyn could have equalised rather fortuitously when TNS defender Simon Spender hit a very firm pass-back but keeper Paul Harrison held on.
Mice changes what is possible before returning, rather fortuitously, to her teenage body ready for a great future.
Your suggestion to hold these various events on an academic premise, is not only doable, it's also advantageous for the youth, who are aspiring to become future specialists, surgeons and doctors, as you have fortuitously pointed out.