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Synonyms for fortnightly

occurring every two weeks


Related Words

every two weeks


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The charity is currently recruiting volunteers who can dedicate one or two hours weekly or fortnightly.
To tackle pink bollworm, farmers should apply four pheromone traps per acre and replace the pheromone capsules fortnightly.
Surprisingly bins are not overflowing to the extent that you might expect, so I suggest that fortnightly collections are introduced.
Lok Baithak fortnightly series is open to the people of all age groups and multiple ethnicities in the style that they themselves are the speakers and listeners with the Lok Virsa as regulator and facilitator only.
It takes place fortnightly from 2pm to 4pm in the common room at Strathendrick Care Home, Lomond Terrace, with the next session this Wednesday March 13.
Mom also anticipated that, since her business is fairly small, it might have cash flow problems if it is forced to adopt a fortnightly payroll system.
Most councils have fortnightly collections - or even three-weekly in some cases.
MULTAN -- The medical examination and treatment of transgender people will be held on a fortnightly basis in the health facilities of Multan district by establishing medical camps in this regard.
Global dairy prices have been undercut by increased production, and fell during a fortnightly auction last month as stronger supply muted what buyers were willing to pay for key products.
TORY austerity is largely to blame for hard-up councils switching to fortnightly and even three-weekly bin collections.
Homeowners in the borough have their bins collected every week, while some living in other parts of the North East have fortnightly collections.
Yet research carried out by a Liberal Democrat activist shows that councils in England and Wales with fortnightly collections are achieving significantly higher recycling rates.
Anglesey council recently announced it was looking to change from the current fortnightly black bin collections in the face of increasing financial restraints.
Cabinet member for the environment, Bob Derbyshire, said it was not an effective use of public money to collect garden waste fortnightly during the winter.