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Synonyms for fortitude

Synonyms for fortitude

Words related to fortitude

strength of mind that enables one to endure adversity with courage

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WHO'S WHO IN NEW ARCTIC DRAMA FORTITUDE DAN ANDERSSEN Played by Richard Dormer, best known as Lord Dondarrion in Game of Thrones.
Operation Fortitude was just one component of Operation Bodyguard, (23) Fortitude itself had two separate operational objectives.
Khamenei claims that the issue of Bahrain can be solved only through patience and fortitude," he posted on his account.
The investment from Fortitude Capital, which was finalized in November 2012, provides capital needed to expand production and distribution, enhance sales and marketing efforts, build out organizational infrastructure, and introduce new Chameleon Cold-Brew products.
There is a heavenly wisdom, a counsel and understanding, a divine knowledge, fortitude and piety that can confirm natural counterparts as they surpass them.
With New York's best-loved lions, Patience and Fortitude, keeping their usual staid vigil in front of the Public Library, more than 150 partygoers cut loose on a balmy late-June evening directly behind it in Bryant Park, as guests of The Judicial Title Insurance Agency.
With gentrification it was the gay community that had the vision, means, taste, fortitude and determination to .
Clownishly costumed (by Leon Wiebers) to enhance his hips and general egg shape, Blumenfeld makes Ubu a man of great appetite and little fortitude.
99), a book that you can easily read in a couple of hours but will spend significantly longer thinking about--and ideally putting into practice--has the sort of intestinal fortitude that's sometimes called "guts" and sometimes called something else.
Looking at the dictionary definition - just so I can maintain my normal piercing accuracy - I read: "A man distinguished by exceptional courage, nobility and fortitude.
If one loves justice, the fruits of Wisdom's works are virtues for she teaches moderation and prudence, justice and fortitude, and nothing in life is more useful than these" (8:7).
Given the recent flood of congressional filibusters surrounding recent presidential nominations, Cox's intestinal fortitude may be put to the test before he even takes office.
It takes a certain psychic fortitude to fully realize your vision-and what a thrill it is (usually) to see your own work onstage
In the 40 days ahead, may you be blessed with the fortitude to face crises with compassion and with the strength to address weaknesses and failures, both individual and communal.