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directly and without evasion

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While acknowledging forthrightly the violence (there is in the account of the conquest something that is at fundamental variance with Christian morality, [61]), he holds to progressive revelation (and therefore a difference between the Old Testament and the New), but clearly confesses that it is the same God who is revealed in both testaments.
But even in the wake of that disaster, the administration has again failed to move forthrightly toward an obviously better policy -- a rule that would phase out a design flaw in the soda-can oil transport cars known as DOT-111.
Or should judges be forthrightly active and vigorous about fulfilling their role in the Constitutional scheme by striking down unconstitutional measures, even as they take care not to read rights into the document that aren't there?
As the mistakes committed in the past could not be undone, he said: "We can only forthrightly acknowledge this incident; seek to rebuild trust; improve our mutual understandings at all levels; and from them do better in the future.
It's unlikely that Sion Simon, if elected a Labour mayor, could run Birmingham virtually on his own in order "to save money," as he so forthrightly claims.
Nevertheless, the first half is strong enough to forgive the more mundane conclusion; it is rare for a writer to confront so forthrightly the very real attractions and humanity of the Nazis, and Dowswell's treatment of this issue is tremendous.
In the document summarizing his findings, bankruptcy examiner Kenneth Klee said Tribune did not act forthrightly in getting an independent opinion about the company s solvency.
Because, the complaint alleges, the sellers didn't represent their financial situation forthrightly, and because the property is now worth "substantially less" than its purchase price, the Hennesseys are seeking the difference between the current market price (which they say hasn't been determined) and the value of the purchase price.
No Pollyanna, she forthrightly lays out the numerous challenges women experience as they age, including disability.
We wish she had spoken out forthrightly in favor of empathy, a quality President Obama has said he is looking for in his judicial nominees.
Paul, having cobbled together a fragile chain of believers throughout the Roman Empire, faces criticism honestly and forthrightly in order to defend the faith he so passionately proclaims.
A supplier more forthrightly accused provincial officials of being 'incapable of basic reconciliations' between orders, deliveries and invoices.
I look forward to the chance to speak candidly and forthrightly and honestly and tell the story,' Lewis reportedly told Bloomberg Television.
I got the first three wrong," said Tom, forthrightly.
The continued failure of civilian and military leadership to forthrightly and comprehensively address contractor-related issues threatens to undermine the military's ability to accomplish its multiple missions.