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Synonyms for fornication

Synonyms for fornication

voluntary sexual intercourse between persons not married to each other

extramarital sex that willfully and maliciously interferes with marriage relations

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We sneak around back or out on the porch or go sit in her big blue chairs in her living room, and then she tell me stories about fornication.
The RAK Public Prosecution had earlier charged the suspects with adultery, luring young girls and women to fornication, and forging official documents.
The Public Prosecution had earlier charged the accused with adultery, luring young girls and women into fornication, and forging official documents.
If Sharia law was fully implemented in this country, the man would not only have been punished for fornication, adultery, abuse and psychological torture of his entire family, he would also have been put to death.
This 'girl next door' wannabe uses her music to advocate for fornication early and often," the church said in a (http://www.
It also criminalises domestic violence and specifies that rape victims should not face fornication charges.
There is much anomalies and of course crimes continuously being committed by the catholic priests ranging from defilement, rape, sodomy, fornication and the rest.
One example sighted in the report came from Cherokee Christian Schools in Woodstock, which has a policy that states, "In accordance with the Statement of Faith and in recognition of Biblical principles, no 'immoral act' or 'identifying statements' concerning fornication, adultery, homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, or pornography, will be tolerated.
Under Iranian Sharia law, certain crimes such as sodomy, rape, theft, fornication, apostasy and consumption of alcohol for the third time are considered to be "claims of God" and therefore have mandatory death sentences.
TV soaps are awash with immorality, violence and fornication and they win awards for it.
Claudio is to be executed for fornication and Angelo tries to persuade the young man's sister Isabella, who's about to become a nun, to sleep with him in return for Claudio's life.
And now this - the killing of a sister for being tricked into sex by a false suitor who 'dishonored' his promised to marry her after fornication.
The Holy Manifestation House of Worship's Mobile Application Rapture Detector can bring you a life filled with SIN, LUST and FORNICATION without worry.
She was first given 99 lashes several years ago after a conviction for fornication.
This is downright fornication because these marriages are designed solely for sexual pleasures without the responsibilities of a marriage proper," he added.