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characterized by or in accordance with some formula

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Leadership for this age demands must be adaptive, not formulaic. Complexity, uncertainty, crisis and consequential change defines the new normal.
Lin presents three original studies that empirically assess the hypothesis that it is possible to identify formulaic language based on prosodic cues.
Reviewing the literature shows that in the field of phraseology, some terms are used as more general cover terms to the linguistic phenomenon of phraseology, among them set phrases, multiword sequences, phraseological units, lexical bundles and formulaic sequences.
There are many potential benefits to L2 learners mastering a range of formulaic sequences.
Reflecting on how even thenprime minster Harold Wilson recognised members of the cast back then, Sir Michael added: "Which is why I am affronted by what I see as a gem like Coronation Street in danger of becoming just another formulaic soap."
Despite fears their gold and copper FORMULAIC: Cornily told mine is dangerously unsafe, miners head 2,300ft under the Atacama Desert where, as we all know, a series of cave-ins leave them stranded.
Este rasgo, su caracter decididamente multidisciplinar, supone un primer acicate para adentrarse en Formulaic Expressions in Computer-Assisted Translation.
(7) It was noted long ago that formulaic constructions in traditional epic poetry rely on combinatorial strategies built on 'substitution systems', (8) and research has shown that the work of Parry, Lord and others on formulaic diction has a genuine applicability to the Gothic genre, albeit a limited one inasmuch as their first, and defining, criterion is a metrical one; thus, for Parry (1930: 80) the formula is 'a group of words which is regularly employed under the same metrical conditions to express a given essential idea'.
In his new book, David Wood examines the role of formulaic language in developing speech fluency as it relates to second language acquisition.
I simply hate the contrived jollity that surrounds Children in Need and the way it has become so dull and formulaic.
Act 1 of this Agatha Christie Theatre Company production is shamelessly pedestrian and formulaic. Carla Le Marchant (Sophie Ward) decides to investigate the murder of her father, for which his wife was jailed 16 years ago, when she receives a letter from her dying mother saying she was innocent of the crime.
After reading Ali Ali's comments in the predictions issue of Campaign earlier this year, I couldn't agree more that formulaic processes in the creative industry fail us.
The set-up - the stars are an Aboriginal girl group - may be original, but the execution is strictly formulaic. The best you can say about The Sapphires is that it's undemanding entertainment.
Most family lawyers feel that a simple formulaic approach would prove too rigid and inflexible to account for all cases and would produce unjust results.