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characterized by or in accordance with some formula

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Reflecting on how even thenprime minster Harold Wilson recognised members of the cast back then, Sir Michael added: "Which is why I am affronted by what I see as a gem like Coronation Street in danger of becoming just another formulaic soap.
The book Fundamentals of formulaic language: An introduction by David Wood is considered an insightful, essential and comprehensive account of formulaic language.
Este rasgo, su caracter decididamente multidisciplinar, supone un primer acicate para adentrarse en Formulaic Expressions in Computer-Assisted Translation.
FORMULAIC J The Sapphires dream of hitting the big time
Whilst most practitioners applaud the aims of the Law Commission's consultation and the need for more certainty, most have strong feelings against the adoption of a formulaic approach.
The assumption that speech is largely formulaic still needs a minimal degree of analyticity, where according to Widdowson, rules "are not generative but regulative and subservient" (p.
However, the level of familiarity with the song lyrics and whether the texts contained formulaic phrases was found to be even more important.
of Wisconsin- Madison) analyzes 10 poems from the 13th-century Icelandic manuscript The Poetic Edda in terms of the oral formulaic theory, a system for examining how texts relate to their assumed oral precedents.
Taking a new strategic direction, Soy Labs, Fairfield, CA, will no longer sell finished products directly to consumers in order to focus exclusively on its core vision, which is to research new and innovative soy ingredients and formulaic compounds.
In the field of rhetoric and composition, to say that a mode of writing instruction is formulaic is to charge it with having a "cookie cutter" quality: the student writer presumably inserts raw material into a mold, and the product automatically comes out, no thought required.
The art of description, or ekphrasis, is studied initially in general, seen in conjunction with such basic Homeric issues as formulaic language and similes, but via discussions on Homeric descriptions of nature and agriculture, the book ends up studying Homeric descriptions of arts and crafts.
The multi-pronged effort to transition from a formulaic approach to a principles-based approach, which many maintain will more accurately reflect the reserves a company should be holding, includes efforts to incorporate work done on life tisk-based capital, make changes to the standard valuation law, and create a valuation manual adopted by states so that needed changes could more easily be incorporated into individual state regulation.
Loser briefly raises the game before descending into formulaic chart-pop so, no, we're not listening anymore.
Still, watching Germann's Charlie Fox eel-ing his way to a producer's credit, plugging a formulaic prison action flick like his life depends on it -- it probably does -- you very quickly see that "Speed-the-Plow's" time has in no way come and gone.