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Synonyms for formula

Synonyms for formula

a means or method of entering into or achieving something desirable

Synonyms for formula

a group of symbols that make a mathematical statement

directions for making something


a conventionalized statement expressing some fundamental principle

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a representation of a substance using symbols for its constituent elements

something regarded as a normative example

a liquid food for infants

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(mathematics) a standard procedure for solving a class of mathematical problems

References in classic literature ?
The formula consists of three parts: (1) a pair of lovers are jarred apart;
In quantity, the formula prescribed twelve hundred words minimum dose, fifteen hundred words maximum dose.
He had no doubt whatever of the efficacy of his formula, and for once he knew the editorial mind when he said positively to himself that the first two he sent off would bring checks.
And now," continued Barbicane, "a slip of paper and a bit of pencil, and before a half-hour is over I will have found the required formula.
Half an hour had not elapsed before Barbicane, raising his head, showed Michel Ardan a page covered with algebraical signs, in which the general formula for the solution was contained.
Incontestably," replied Nicholl; "and even by this same formula I can always tell you its speed at any point of its transit.
That I admit," answered Michel; "and I understand it, although your x's and zero's, and algebraic formula, are rattling in my head like nails in a bag.
For five weeks I crammed, until simultaneous quadratic equations and chemical formulas fairly oozed from my ears.
On the day after, like the dogs again, he was reinstated in his privileges; and another change was introduced in the after-dinner formula.
The youth, merely working by formula, tightened the safe grip on the scruff of Michael's neck and lifted him clear of the floor, at the same time, with the other hand, directing the stream of water into his mouth and increasing it to full force by the nozzle control.
You see, you gentlemen have, to the best of my knowledge, taken your whole register of human advantages from the averages of statistical figures and politico-economical formulas.
The AAP also believes that infant formula is a safe alternative for mothers who supplement their breast milk with formula or who choose to formula feed exclusively under the direction of their child's health care professional.
Since 1996 the official Formula One safety car has been supplied by Mercedes-Benz and the current model is a 571-HP Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.
Highlighting all of the formula cells in another color allows you to start investigating formulas.
Differences in IQ between children who were breastfed and those fed unfortified formula in infancy are largely explained by maternal educational attainment and intelligence, a study has found.