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impressive difficulty

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These biased judgments of physical formidability ultimately predicted the extent to which people justify the hypothetical use of force.
The Czech critics too commended the consistency of the thematic work, orchestration, the formidability of the structure.
Wagner-Martin hints to the formidability and fate of the endeavor when she writes, "For all the professed interest today in women's lives .
The SCA assures investors about the resilience and formidability of the operation procedures of UAE financial markets, which it said have been formulated according to resolute legislation system through which the SCA accurately and carefully apply the rules and regulations, monitor market practices through direct, regular and surprise inspections or through highly advanced electronic systems.
51) It is worth recalling that in the post-Enlightenment version of Job familiar to Pushkin, scholarly and artistic attention to the poem had drifted from the exemplary fortitude of the hero to the divine qualities conveyed in God's speech; emphasis was placed as much on the formidability or perceived limitations of the Creator as on the virtues of his creature (Pardes, "Job's Leviathan," 239).
17) Given the FDA's resources, the FDA and others have noted the formidability of this task, and the FDA readily admits that it "does not--nor will it--have the resources to adequately keep pace with the pressures of globalization.
It has used nuclear weapon possession and tests mainly for internal purposes to illustrate the strength or formidability of its regime and to claim North Korea is one of the most powerful (and respected) countries in the world.
His decision to pick Vurnon Anita and Papiss Cisse on Saturday was an attempt to get Mike Ashley's last two big-money signings into a cohesive starting XI, but it was only a partial success - and Newcastle are still searching for the fluency and formidability that has typified their European efforts.
Using a sample of Hollywood stars they demonstrated that those actors known for their physical strength and formidability, among them Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris and Sylvester Stallone, were more likely to support military action.
But as well as new faces among the playing and backroom staff, collectively Villa now also boast a new face of formidability, which on off-days like Saturday could prove to be priceless if they are to avoid being pointless.
When Leona had mentioned his mean streak, I'd pictured someone with at least a little formidability.
As has been proven throughout history, and largely is true today, given religion is associated with ethnocentrism and in-group superiority, and intolerance of ambiguity, as well as with dogmatism and rigidity, even with a genuine commitment to ecumenicalism, there are at least four obstacles with varying degrees of formidability.
The majority of marauding morons on our roadways whose fortitude is influenced by the formidability of their four-wheeled friends is inordinately inscrutable.
Israel's own Middle East project remains on hold, jeopardized by Iran's rising influence in the region, Hezbollah's proven formidability in the north, and Hamas' irritating ability to hold onto power, and its insistence to govern by its democratic mandate, even if in besieged Gaza.
IsraelAEs own Middle East project remains on hold, jeopardised by IranAEs rising influence in the region, HezbollahAEs proven formidability in the north, and HamasAE irritating ability to hold onto power, and its insistence to govern by its democratic mandate, even if in besieged Gaza.