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Here are the steps: Highlight the entire worksheet whose formatting you want to copy by clicking on the white cell to the left of column A and above row 1 (see screenshot) and then on the Format Painter.
The difficulties of formatting text to arbitrarily sized windows on a user's workstation are only now beginning to be addressed, and, if the difficulties encountered in the batch systems currently used by publishers are any indication at all, these problems, along with associated font and page layout problems, will be with us for the indefinite future.
Developer Productivity and Reuse are further improved with many new property dialogs and enhancements, including formatting dialogs to set basic and conditional formatting properties as well as custom property and custom data type definition dialogs that help speed and simplify report development.
Center the text in column E and adjust any other formatting you like.
This is particularly useful when a group of documents share similar formatting but the data is looked up from a relational database or from some other source content that changes rapidly, making it ideal for server based applications.
Notice that all the Excel formatting (fill colors, text colors and fonts) is retained.
XML provides the neutral formatting that we can use for conversion of any document into any other format," said Rizwan Virk, CambridgeDocs CTO.
The enhancements to MyDVD are built upon the DVD+R/+RW and DVD-RAM/-R/-RW format capabilities that Sonic is developing for AuthorScript(R), the DVD and CD formatting and burning engine that underlies Sonic's applications.