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Synonyms for formalize

make formal or official

declare or make legally valid

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"It's not about formalizing by formalizing, but to have access to credit, machinery and improve their working conditions," he noted later.
(2) Considered structurally, the "formalizing rules" for transfers, as we shall call them, thus vary by legal category.
Algeria and Nigeria will sign a preliminary agreement formalizing their intention to build an ambitious natural gas pipeline that would link some of Africa's largest gas reserves to Europe, Algeria's energy minister said in an interview with Dow Jones Newswires.
That has European farmers, here protesting in Belgium, up in arms--a battle they will almost certainly lose, now that the World Trade Organization is finally beginning to do its job: formalizing free trade, no matter who wins or loses.
But she says the cost of not formalizing a plan can pose huge financial implications when capital gains tax is involved.
The Internet, the Web, and eBusiness; formalizing applications for the real world.
Father Garcia reminded reporters that Fuentes had been given Communion at Mass on various occasions before formalizing his homosexual union, but that the decision to publicly register the union with the government obliged him to make his decision.
3 that it signed 10-year leases with EOP-Northwest Properties LLC and Three Bellevue Center LLC, formalizing plans for new corporate headquarters in downtown Bellevue, Wash.
"We believe formalizing this relationship into an Alliance on a national level is a major step toward increasing worker safety as it relates to the foundry industry."
Now that we are formalizing it, everybody is going to get the opportunity."
They do not belong, for instance, to the progressive tendency of "formalizing" the disorganized or "informal" aspects of a particular impoverished neighborhood by integrating it into the macroeconomic urban system.
Today, the Navy is formalizing a process that will hold leaders accountable for not only mission accomplishment, but for the development of their Sailors, as well.
Though certain processes were established prior to the Act, many companies focused early compliance efforts on formalizing disclosure committees and related procedures.
Last month the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) unanimously voted to adopt an order formalizing the Local and State Government Advisory Committee (LSGAC).
The process of "going live" involves three sets of activities: (1) formalizing the procedures, (2) Initiation and process flow, and (3) orienting stakeholders.