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Synonyms for formalize

make formal or official

declare or make legally valid

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The legislative changes formalize what has been the practice of the past year.
"TRC is thrilled to formalize its partnership with HARDI," said TRC Executive Director Mark Tibbetts.
Peach, head of the Army's Standard Procurement System, formalize their educational partnership with a Memorandum of Agreement signing on Sept.
The Global Alliance formalizes that network, putting in place communication, delivery process and ethical standards and approved protocols.
"Today's announcement formalizes a long-standing and successful partnership," said Chip Drapeau, president and CEO, MRO Software.
The order, officially released last week, formalizes the LSGAC's structure and duties.
As a pictorial device, the window formalizes its reflected and revealed contents by arraying visual information across a plane but also renders them ambiguous by transforming things seen into phantasms of elusive location.