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Synonyms for formalized

concerned with or characterized by rigorous adherence to recognized forms (especially in religion or art)

given formal standing or endorsement


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In turn, Minister Valencia reported that to date the government of President Ivan Duque has formalized 68,450 hectares, benefiting 3,000 families in 27 departments of the country.
(1) And each is formalized--that is to say, rendered legally operative--according to its own, unique requirements: gifts are formalized classically by delivery of the gift corpus; wills, by a writing and an execution ceremony, conducted in the presence of witnesses; contracts, in many instances, by a mere parol agreement
"I think I was most surprised that 49.2 percent said their strategy was not formalized," Grant says.
The nucleus of the collection was a donation of 51 works of art in 1919, predating the 1935 founding of the Commonwealth of Virginia's art museum; yet it wasn't until 1987 that American art was formalized as a separate curatorial department (other collecting areas had been formalized decades earlier).
"This agreement has not yet been formalized, we expect it to be formalized in writing by the EU," he told APS on the sidelines of a meeting with his department's senior executives.
The formalized security plan for Uruzgan was developed through the cooperation of security agencies in early March.
Iranian Oil Minister Gholamhossein Nozari met with Russian Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko and Gazprom chief Alexei Miller to discuss energy cooperation and the recently formalized Gas Exporting Countries Forum, IRNA reported.
The Conditional Designation will be formalized in a future agreement between FERI and RIOC.
This agreement also formalized use of the unified Army and Navy Data Center in Fairfield, Calif., referred to as the Business Innovation Center.
Since the same kind of chaos--in both the vernacular and mathematical senses--prevails after a natural disaster on the scale of Katrina, it should come as no surprise that predefined, formalized government disaster recovery efforts cannot be expected to accomplish much.
Obviously there are many good, sensitive behavioral practitioners doing transforming work but good effective work can be done without utilizing the formalized behavior modification approach.
Arabesk Group, the unofficial alliance of seven Middle East airlines, have formalized their relationship and spelt out what membership of the club means.
That's because there is little in the way of formalized training programs for mold-repair technicians or managers.