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Synonyms for formalize

make formal or official

declare or make legally valid

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104) Parties can formalize contracts for services by parol agreement but cannot formalize gifts of personal services at all.
The new agreement formalizes a long-standing working relationship between the two organizations.
28, 2006, the Defense Acquisition University and the Standard Procurement System (SPS) Joint Program Management Office (JPMO) signed a Memorandum of Agreement that formalizes joint developments to better support the learning needs of the acquisition workforce.
Formalize the analysis framework to support valid and reliable employee data collection, and standardize the tracking and reporting process.
The prudent investment process was developed by applying standards from the Practices & Standards for Investment Fiduciaries to a five-step investment management process: analyze the current position; diversify and allocate portfolio; formalize investment policy; implement investment policy; and monitor and supervise.
The friends, Brigadier Ian Fulton and Brigadier General David Foley, decided to formalize the relationship between their two organizations.
The purpose of the reauthorization was to fund CPSC for fiscal years 2004 through 2007 and to make some technical amendments allowing the Commission to formalize certain employee positions, which had evolved informally.
Hahn and Bratton are set to formalize agreements in separate meetings with ATF Director Bradley Buckles, Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Robert Mueller III, Assistant Attorney General Michael Chertoff and DEA Administrator Asa Hutchinson and Deputy DEA Administrator John Brown.
Litigation and arbitration formalize that adversarial relationship.
In 1992, volunteers formed a board of directors to formalize the Senior Mentor Program, drawing from local businesses, municipal departments and the school district.
Young, the new policy would essentially formalize the ad hoc procedures recently used to speed the experimental drug AZT to AIDS patients (SN: 1/24/87, p.
Its construction clearly depends on the planned relocation of MSG to the western annex of the Farley building, a move that Ross said he has begun to formalize with a letter of intent already signed by MSG's owners, the Dolan family.
0, a document that will formalize how the JCP will work, according to Sun.
The agency said it will formalize plans for the label within the next three months.