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the act of making formal (as by stating formal rules governing classes of expressions)

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The Plan includes information and awareness campaigns on government activities as part of the formalization of the business.
Galli said the sector continues to improve its formalization indicators before the BPS, even at a better pace than the other sectors.
New Delhi [India], Oct 11 ( ANI ): Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday stated that government resources are going to expand, owing in large to the formalization of the economy through a number of government initiatives.
An organization's structure is the distinctive traits an organization possesses through the division of elements and responsibilities and their associations to each other (e.g., centralization and formalization: James and Jones, 1976).
BoA!njak said that the agreement was the formalization of cooperation and at the same time the message to the LGBT community that the institutions were on their side, stating that it is well-known that there is a very low level of trust in the institutions among that population.
Even though researchers have attempted to explain the relationships among organizational structure, empowerment, and innovative behavior, there is still a lack of explanation of the mediating role of empowerment in the links among centralization, formalization, and innovative behavior.
Having said this, the new formalization process looks at addressing some of the limitations of the previous process, which had very poor results.
* the different degrees of formalization (low, medium, high),
The counsel for the petitioner requested the court to regularize their clients after formalization of rules.
Strategies and tools have been developed for purchasing formalization, but why they are not adopted by certain organizations or for certain categories of goods and services is less well understood (Cox et al., 2005; Kerkfeld & Hartmann, 2010).
Structure includes formalization, centralization, concentration of authority and participation in decision making.
Data analysis revealed that formalization elements, formation of an official division of specialized professional staff, an organizational chart and activities organized using a horizontal complexity approach are structural requirements for auditing the educational and research processes.
(2005) as the centralization of decision-making, formalization, and connectedness.
The global headquarters of Quadpack Group in Barcelona, Spain, was the setting for the formalization of a new agreement between Beauty Cluster Barcelona and the Japan Cosmetic Center.
Further agenda items include the formalization of structures, roles and processes of GSLEP steering committee.