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Synonyms for formality

Synonyms for formality

strict observance of social conventions

a conventional social gesture or act without intrinsic purpose

Synonyms for formality

a requirement of etiquette or custom

a manner that strictly observes all forms and ceremonies

References in classic literature ?
But what they wouldn't consent to do, we had to do without the formality of consent.
"I am sorry to put you to any inconvenience, sir, for a mere formality; but the example of their betters will do wonders in reconciling the servants to this inquiry." Mr.
He was evidently relieved at finding any excuse for delaying the business formality in the library, to which his own words had referred.
It won't take a minute--a mere formality. Countess, may I trouble you also?
The impulse that moves me and the doing of the thing seem simultaneous; for if my mind goes through the tedious formality of reasoning, it must be a subconscious act of which I am not objectively aware.
Without the formality of a knock, I burst into the room.
As there had been no formality in his coming there was no need of formality in his going.
His person and air were equal to what her fancy had ever drawn for the hero of a favourite story; and in his carrying her into the house with so little previous formality, there was a rapidity of thought which particularly recommended the action to her.
"I simply adore formality in dining," she told her guests.
The primary reason for the drop was Synopsys Inc's entry into the market in February 1998 with its Formality product line, which took it from a standing start to a 41% market share in 1998.
That such informality and behavioral "looseness" are considered so mainstream to modern organizations is especially intriguing in light of the fact that this deviates so much from the formality, protocol, and staidness traditionally associated with business contexts.
In analyzing the trial court's decision, the Dickson court reasoned that the revocation lacked formality.(52) The court correctly determined that the testator's writing and encircling of the word "void" on the self-proof affidavit did not constitute revocation by writing pursuant to F.S.
For example, the Hadley default rule states that only damages for foreseeable losses will be awarded in case of breach unless the contract states otherwise.(10) A formality, such as the Statute of Frauds, also gives the parties the opportunity to avoid the default (here, nonenforcement), but the parties can seize that opportunity only by engaging in certain formal acts (supplying a writing).
This has been the leading question for this study of etiquette books, which focuses on connections between changes in ranking and formality, and changes in emotion management, particularly with regard to feelings of superiority and inferiority.
Since the low bidder would have to top the lien amount of $92.3 million, plus costs and interest, the auction is merely a formality to pass title.