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Synonyms for formalistic

characterized by a narrow concern for book learning and formal rules, without knowledge or experience of practical matters

Synonyms for formalistic

concerned with or characterized by rigorous adherence to recognized forms (especially in religion or art)

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9) Second, commentators note that the Court has consistently adopted holistic standards to replace the bright-line, formalistic rules that are characteristic of Federal Circuit patent doctrine.
Although Powers of Attorney may seem unnecessarily formalistic, they in fact touch upon public order and are essential.
In Turkey, I think it would be important to struggle for freedom of the press, freedom of speech in a context that is not abstract and formalistic in the same way the context is in the US," she concluded.
Judge Tomka in a separate opinion agreed that the majority had taken a more formalistic or strict approach whereas the Court had previously been flexible.
In a dissenting opinion, Judge Elsa Alcala said she disagreed with the majority's "overly formalistic interpretation.
For example, the Court's insistence, despite economic facts to the contrary, that industrial production (11) and agricultural cultivation (12) preceded commerce manifested the formalistic concept of interstate commerce that characterized the Court's Commerce Clause jurisprudence for nearly fifty years in the late nineteenth century.
Lee believed the majority of martial arts were too rigid and formalistic to be practical in chaotic scenarios, and club chairman Jack Serpell believes the less restricted form of Seiken-Do is an advantage over other martial arts.
Levine and Ortiz-Robles identify three kinds of cultural and social "middles" to match their formalistic concerns: the middle class; nineteenth-century Britain's "centrist reform program" (7); and Britain as "the hub of empire" (7).
He believes the most important is for the EU to move from a formalistic evaluation of projects to "a more output-oriented" one, a "revolution" in his mind.
Since then, progressive education has been an article of educational faith followed frequently and usually uncritically, but the best evidence is that major attempts to change formalistic curriculum and teaching in primary and secondary classrooms during the last 50 years have failed despite large-scale professional, administrative and financial support (Guthrie, 2011, pp.
Coupled with more contemporary maneuvers--the strike-through, the Q&A, the self-interview--and time-honored approaches such as pun, anaphora and list, "The Split" coalesces into a formalistic vaudeville of love's slings-'n'-arrows, the grotesque performance of an agonized heart:
This formalistic (self-conscience signature) device, like slow motion or a rapid montage (quick series of edits) can be used for various dramatic effects.
Methodologically it is limited primarily to textual analysis, and theoretically it is historical and formalistic in the context of legal scholarship.
However, my request to speak in my role as public affairs officer of the Tyneside and Northumberland branch of the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra), had been denied in advance on formalistic grounds.
Court systems tend to be slow and very formalistic.