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Balindong and Alih changed their votes from hybrid to presidential form of government.
In fact, the issue of political dynasties underpins the initiatives to change our form of government.
The speaker is eyeing to convene the Congress into a Constituent Assembly this month to discuss the revision of the Constitution and the shift from a unitary to a federal form of government.
Talking to Online news agency, he said the issues and challenges being faced by the country could only be resolved through a presidential form of government.
The focus of that debate is whether Worcester should keep the council-manager form of government it has operated under for more than 64 years, or switch to one where an elected mayor would serve as the city's chief executive.
Constitutional law experts, former Supreme Court justices Wajihuddin Ahmed and Saeeduz Zaman Siddiqui, along with former interim law minister Ahmer Bilal Soofi agree with the view that the country has once again firmly turned towards a parliamentary form of government, reports The Express Tribune.
Through these case studies it is expected that scholars, students, and practitioners will see similarities in the arguments for and against changing the form of government and gain a greater appreciation for the experiences, histories, and personalities that affect each community's government.
In the mid-eighties the Chamber was integral in the Home Rule Charter process that established the county executive form of government in Wayne County.
Another name for this form of government is "indirect or representative democracy.
Taylor should be saluted for enduring the past four years, especially in light of having to work with certain councilors and a mayor who have very little respect for Eugene's city manager form of government.
Early in Democracy and Tradition, Stout says democracy as a "strictly political referent is a form of government in which the adult members of the society being governed all have some share in electing rulers and are free to speak their minds in a wide-ranging discussion that rulers are bound to take seriously.
Our Founding Fathers would not think so; they feared and condemned democracy as, arguably, the worst form of government.
The map below shows Africa's 53 countries and the year that each nation came into being, gained independence, or established its present form of government.
material gain, If Bush stays the course and builds a bipartisan domestic coalition, then just maybe--forty years down the road--dictatorship will follow the same fate as empire and become an extinct form of government.