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a letter that is printed in multiple copies and mailed to a list of recipients

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The form letter highlights the fact that less than 10% of Pikangikum households have access to clean running water or indoor plumbing, and that the community also lacks connection to the electrical grid, forcing them to rely on diesel-generated power.
A main goal in the interviewing process was to learn how claim executives regard form letters, which are templates that give a claim writer a running start on communicating to the insured.
We are sending a big hug and even bigger THANK YOU this holiday season," read some of the form letters.
But while holiday family form letters can turn off some readers, more than half of recipients welcome them, according to a recent study.
TBBR personalizes a standard form letter into a short, friendly thank-you letter that promises the company will let past clients know if it is successful in establishing a remodeling agreement with the referral.
The bill states that government officials actually have to respond to your request within 20 days, rather than just give you a form letter.
Personalization is better, but we are smart enough to know when a mail-merge has put our name into a form letter.
Two months later, the Buddhists received what was probably a form letter in reply.
After sending President Carter a letter calling to deport Iranian protesters, Bob Hope got miffed when he received only a form letter in response.
The widow of a Vietnam veteran came to a member's office many years ago with a form letter from the Department of Defense she found among her late husband's papers.
Credit the Republican National Committee with raising the humble form letter to a high-tech art.
Shortly thereafter, Anderson learned it was a form letter generated by a Republican National Committee-funded Web site.
In the fourth week of the semester, instructors are asked to identify students experiencing academic difficulties, and these students are then sent a form letter of notification and recommendations for action.
NYARM has a form letter that may be filled out and personalized that is available for downloading from our website at www.