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(biology) an artificial taxonomic category for organisms of which the true relationships are obscure

an artificial taxonomic category established on the basis of morphological resemblance for organisms of obscure true relationships especially fossil forms

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There is a substantial fossil record based on Cuphea pollen and as the pollen form genus and species Striasyncolpites zwaardii Germeraad et al.
Seven species of the pollen form genus Lythraites Yu et al.
The pollen form genus Lythraceaepollenites from Germany and Poland is accepted as belonging to the Lythraceae but the relationship to Decodon of Lythraceaepollenties decodonensis Stuchlik from the Miocene of Poland remains to be confirmed, although it is likely.
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For the sake of this study, three species of the form genus Walchiostrobus were included.
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